11008-Getting Settled In

Zambia FlagGreetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have arrived in Ndola safely. We praise God for a  good trip. It was very long for most of the team members, as we started our trip on Sunday and we arrived  at Teen Missions today Wednesday, June 29, 2011. The team is happy to be here and are read to serve the Lord. We made it to Zambia with all our bags and we praise God for his favor during the trip. We made it through Immigration within  three minutes while others who had only three bags were being checked, meaning taking their bags apart. A guy called  me over and asked why we all had leather jackets. I shared with him that we are heading into the remote villages to share the Gospel and then he pointed  me to their boss and when I told his boss who we were, he told me to go through.
We will be starting our practice on the bikes here so we can get familiar with the Zambian roads before  we go to the bush with the Gospel of Christ. We will also be getting our Driving Permits in the next two days so we can drive on Zambia roads. We plan to leave on Sunday, July 3rd, for the Lufwanyama Circuit. This trip will take us at least seven to nine hours of riding to get to these remote villages and bring the Gospel of Christ to the  villagers. -Oscar, Leader
BAILEY SELTZER : I am so relieved and excited to have finaly made it at the Zambia base.After four days of travel, it sure is nice to settle in for a few days before heading out on our circuit. The culture here is very different, but a nice change. The weather here is also very nice compared to the Boot Camp heat and humidity. Travel was exhausting—not knowing what day it was, not eating a real meal (because I’m not sure what they gave me was food. The stress level was very high but God was surely with us. When we got to the airport, we didn’t have to go through the baggage check! Thank God! That saved us two hours. When we arrived at the Church that we were staying for the night, we got our first real meal! And then we settled in for a night of sleep horizontally. After we got up the next morning, we rode the bus for six hours before we arrived safely at the base! God is so good. Bailey.


  1. Debbie Todhunter

    What great news! I read it over and over and look forward to the next update! Thank you for your efforts and work!

  2. Gang, we are so excited for you all. We are not only praying individually but as a church here at Grace Bible Fellowship in Yuma, Arizona. These are exciting and challenging times and they will all be a part of what you are becoming as young men and women. Enjoy the journey, listen to the Lord, see the unseen (the small things) and encourage one another. At times, you will all need this. It is normal. Blessings to you all, we love you and are lifting you up before the Lord. He will do great things as you surrender to Him personally. Blessings, Pastor Rick

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