Switzerland Hard At Work 11001

Switzerland 2011 - Hard at workThe hills are alive with the sound of pick axes and shovels! Today the Swiss team was able to begin work at the YWAM base. After our late arrival on Monday night, we spent most of Tuesday setting up camp, sorting through our supplies and setting up the much-needed kitchen.  Unfortunatly, our cooking facilities (the Teen Missions stoves) were missing some parts and it took most of the day to get the kitchen set up and working. The kids were excited when we pulled off our first hot meal—dinner last night (previously, we were surviving on cold cereal, meats & cheeses…sounds a little European to us).

The leaders had the opportunity to meet with the staff at the base yesterday and discuss what our work projects for the next few weeks. We are staying on the property of a Swiss manor house which opporates as a functioning farm and hosts periodic weddings throughout the year. The first major wedding is coming up in two weeks. So there are some projects that need our immediate attention. The team is working on updating some walking paths around the grounds, digging a drainage ditch, building a dry rock wall and a 150-foot flower bed. The team was excited to get up early this morning and begin work. Unfortunately, the weather can be unpredicatble in this region and the dark clouds rolled in throughout the morning. By late morning, the familar sound of thunder and lightning warned us that a large storm was approaching and the team took refuge in our kitchen where we shifted our activities to some Bible classes and ate lunch. By early afternoon, the sky cleared and the team was able to get back to work.

The team has been approached by a local English teacher to see if some members of the team would be interested in visiting his English class and share a bit. Please pray for this opportunity. It is scheduled for next Tuesday and evangelism opportunities are limited in this country because of the necessity to get permits to do evangelism (which are very difficult to obtain). Please pray that God will open an opportunity for these team members to share about why they are in Switzerland and that God will be moving in the lives of the Swiss people.


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