11005-Bethlehem Working Hard

Our jet lag days are behind us and we have begun work on our project. The team is tying steel, digging up and removing rocks and pouring concrete. Thanks to Boot Camp training, they are proving to be quite the construction experts. The sound of hammers hammering and shovels scraping is like an acoustic symphony.  I can tell when they are coming in for meals when the sounds stop. They come in for lunch and dinner all covered in dust and dirt, proof of a hard days work. The weather is perfect: sunny, dry and slightly breezy…just enough for your clothes to be dry right after you finish hanging them up.:) We are doing our first presentation tomorrow for the children attending the college’s summer camp. We see the kids daily and they are always full of smiles for our team. Although the language barrier is great, their smiles say more than words. As excited as they are to see us, we are just as excited to see them. May the Lord use us to bless them as much as they bless us. We covet your prayers for us as we minister here in Bethlehem.


  1. Shelby and Grace

    Happy Canada Day, from the Canadian parents eh!
    We are praying that you would respond and be directed by the Holy Spirit who can overcome any language barrier and that you will find create ways to radiate the love of Jesus.

  2. Ken,Rita and Shaun Mitchell

    Thanks for the update.Glad to hear evryone is well, and working hard for the Lord.
    Nice weather is also a plus:) We are praying for you and your team.
    Love and miss you Ashley!

  3. So proud of my boy Seth!! Can’t wait to here how the Lord works in your life this summer! I love you!!

  4. I am so glad to hear everyone is safe and all is going well.
    I can’t wait to hear more in the days to come. Be safe and thank you for doing the Lords work. God bless you all. We miss you Sara.

  5. Brian and Sally Kraus and family

    Sounds like all of BBC is doing great work. We are proud and thankful for all you have done and will do. Our daily prayer is for you all to be protected and enabled to do just what the Lord has planned for you. We love and miss you Lyndsay :0) !!

  6. Juana Hernandez

    Thanks for the update!! Wish I were there ..My heart is filled with joy to know that you are all being His hands and feet. God bless you and well done!! Looking forward to the pictures!! Love you son (Elijah)

    Juana Hernandez

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