Safe Arrival of Cambodia Team – 11002

Cambodia Missions 2011We traveled for two days—long flights and long layovers. We enjoyed each others company during the layovers and slept a lot on the flights! We’re not sure where June 28th went, but between changing time zones and crossing over the International Date Line, we’re pretty sure we just about skipped it altogether.  No problems traveling, but it looks like airport security went through all our bags, as they were no longer packed the same or tied up safely. Seems we are only missing a can of peaches and a seasoning packet for making pickles – we consider ourselves blessed! We arrived at the TMI Cambodia base last night and just managed a quick supper and found enough of our stuff to sleep for the night. Today has been a settle-in day—get organized, wash travel clothes, etc.  We all went to the grocery store to shop for team supplies and buy a little “comfort” food (i.e. junk food!). The team bought a few exotic fruits to try. The weather is much like the Florida, and it rained some yesterday and today. 

After talking with our hosting staff member here, we have learned that we will actually not get to help run the Cambodia Boot Camp, as it will begin just about the time we leave.  It is a bit disappointing, as we were really looking forward to it, but we all know that this is no surprise to God and we also know He has a divine plan for what He wants us to do. We still may have plenty of contact with nationals, and we are looking forward to discovering what He has in store for us. We will be here at the base in Siem Reap through Sunday, and then heading out to the property where the Boot Camp will run. We will stay there for the remainder of our project time, so we are going to do all Siem Reap related sightseeing and shopping right away. Tonight, we are going to a “night market” where we may be able to buy souvenir-type items. Tomorrow, we are planning our trip to Angkor Wat, which we understand will likely take most of the day.  Saturday may include another short outing, and Sunday we will be going to two different churches. Early Monday morning we will head out to Kampong Chhnang, where the other property is located. We will be providing much-needed help in preparing for the upcoming Boot Camp.  There is much to do to get things ready.


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