Update on the Haiti Team – 11004

Haiti Missions Trip 2011The Haiti team is doing well. We have overcome the heat by getting everyone hydrated. It has been a battle drinking so much water!! The team has been busy putting up a fence, digging holes, and painting. We experienced a day without water for bathing and laundry due to us breaking a water pipe while digging. But we trust that the plumber will get it fixed soon!! The team has enjoyed the Bible marking classes and library reading times. Most of all, they enjoy visiting with the children in the tent city and orphanage. We look forward to helping conduct a seminar on cholera in the tent city for awareness. The team is also looking forward to helping with the feeding the children’ program. We hope to eat a Haitian meal soon cooked for us by the ladies at Grace Village, the ministry where we are staying. Everyone has begun to adjust to the heat and living conditions. We look forward to attending church tomorrow and interacting with the people. Many of the team members have picked up some of the French and Creole phrases.



  1. Sora said she received wonderful care from both the Haitian hospital medical team as well as Teen Missions leadership.

    She actually feels that becoming sick was an important growth experience, since she learned to trust God more fully to help her recover. She also reports that praying for (and with) other patients in the hospital was a positive experience.

    I appreciate Teen Missions for all the care shown to her.

  2. Steve and Jill

    So proud of you guys! Keep up the awesome work…we’re praying for you all.
    Emily, mom and dad love you and are praying for you!

  3. Thomas Simmons

    Exciting news. We (the church, grandaddy and Nana) for Michaela Lidstone. The work sounds challenging and the experience maturing. Know that 1st Baptist Charlotte Harbor FL follows with interest and prays daily. Pastor Tommy

  4. Elaine Robbins

    We keep praying that God will relieve the heat for your team and for all the tent cities. You’re in our prayers Judah! Hope you are having some great days with the kids and the team!

  5. We hope and pray that Sabrina is doing better and out of clinic.

  6. James and Tammi

    So glad to hear about that the kids are drinking plenty of water.
    Mom and Dad love you and miss you Judah.

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