Getting Ready To Go And Help Set Up Boot Camp! – 11002

Cambodia Missions 2011Greetings from the Kingdom of Wonders! The whole team is very excited to head down to the TMI property in “Kung Pow Chicken” (Kampong Chhnang, Linda made me!) to start preparing for the Boot Camp which will be held there. We will leave early Monday morning (Happy Independance Day!) and take the 8-10 hour trip in the TMI truck.
Over the past few days here in Siem Reap we have really been getting used to the Cambodian culture. From trying exotic fruits (which are very good, especially the custard apples!) to the simple, yet respectful slight-bowing greeting. The people are quiet, but are very friendly if you are friendly first. All you need do is smile and wave, and even the Buddhist monks will smile back. On Friday, we visited the famed Angkor Wat. The temples were absolutely stunning in beauty and majesty, but the statues and smell of incense reminded us of the darkness in Cambodia still needing Christ’s light. We also had the opportunity to do some souvenir shopping after climbing the temple peaks and came away with many fun gifts, traditional dress, and trinkets. Saturday, we went and visited a floating school/clinic. When the waters rise, so do the buildings! While driving we were able to see some of the poverty of Cambodia and were truly reminded of how blessed we are. We were also blessed with some rain which was effective at cooling the heat of the tropical sun. Today, Sunday, we went to a church service that was held in the Khmer language, but we were able to give a ten-minute presentation that the small congregation enjoyed. Deborah introduced the team, and Bethany and Amy both gave testimonies. After church, we went shopping at the local ‘mall’ and were also able to get some burgers and other food for under $3 each! On our way back to the base, we stopped at the post office to mail some letters and postcards home. Later in the afternoon, we went to another church service, this one in English, and we were able to do a five-minute presentation where the girls did a skit about trying to serve two masters. We have had a lot of fun together working as a team and we thank God for the unity He has blessed us with.
Please continue to pray for safety as we travel, for continued good health, for the truck to run well and not break down, and for God to do amazing things in Cambodia this summer. We are very excited about what He has planned as we serve him and get to work in Kampong Chhnang for the coming weeks.

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