Scotland Team Update-11006

Scotland Missions TripThe Scotland team had a wonderful weekend of ministry! Part of the team spent Saturday helping the youth in Stornoway with a project they were working on. They had a chance to interact with many in the community of Stornoway as the event was at the local grocery store! Part of the team also went to a local fair that day to do some puppet presentations and balloons. Both events were great opportunities to share the love of Christ with the people of Scotland.Friday and Saturday evenings the team spent time at the YMCA working with the children’s nights they have there. Each night was for a different age group. They mostly spent time talking and getting to know them. This is the group we will be working with this week during the children’s program we have planned. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we will be planning activities for the children during the day with a presentation in the evening presenting the Gospel. Both the missionaries and the team are very excited about this!! Everywhere we go there are people wondering if we are the American team coming to work with the children!

On Sunday, we had a wonderful time at church. We are staying at a church in Stornoway and this is the church we went to on Sunday. We had the opportunity to be the Sunday School teachers this week. This is the first Sunday of this church having a children’s Sunday School and since we were coming to the church, they asked if we would be willing to do this. We shared the story of the Good Samaritan, sang several songs, and presented the Gospel message using the wordless bracelets. Several of the parents were also there and very excited to see their children excited about Sunday School. It was a great morning!

Sunday evening we were asked to do the youth program at the YMCA. They usually have a time of worship and a speaker. The team sang songs and then Grant shared a message with them. God is really using our team in Stornoway!

Continue to lift up our team in prayer. We are seeing God’s mighty hand at work! Praise the Lord!



  1. Nicholas, We are all so happy to hear your team is working hard for the lord and having great success!! We are so proud of you!!! Jack says thanks for the birthday wish. And Joseph is missing you and Blue too. We love you!!!! Always
    Mom and Brian

  2. Rachel, We are so glad for the update it sounds like your team and you are being
    kept pretty busy while you are there. We just pray for your enjoyment while there
    also, with Gods hand on you!!! Love ya very much!!! Marge & Ray

  3. If you go to google maps you can type in Stornoway Scotland and go down to a street view using the google cameras and take your own little tour of the city. It is really cool Stornoway, Eilean Siar HS2, Stornoway, Eilean Siar (Stornoway, Eilean Siar HS2) @58.216001,-6.385931

  4. The update was awesome and much appreciated. Sounds like they are having a great time and functioning as a team. We love you Sam.

  5. James and Tammi

    Grace, you and your team are touching lives there in Scotland. We are praying for you. Also the women’s Bible study that Mrs. Sneed is leading are keeping you and your brother in their prayers.

  6. Rachel, Ray & I keep praying for you and your team daily. We are just so very
    proud of you.

  7. Could we have the name of the church or more specific locations, We could see street view photos on Google street view maps of most locations. Most of Scotland seems to be covered.

  8. Rhonda Fertich

    So glad to hear everything is going well! God is amazing! We’re praying for you every day. Love you Rachel!

  9. Mary Harrington

    It is so good to hear about all the ministering that you are doing. God is Great!

  10. Larry & Cherie Cato

    This update is the answer to a prayer this morning! Thank you so very much.

  11. Larry & Cherie Cato

    This is an answer to a prayer this morning! Thank you so much for the update. Awesome work y’all!

  12. james and tammi

    Thanks so much for the update. We love you Grace and are continuing to pray for you and your team.

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