A Day In The Life-11005

11005-Bethlehem TeamThe Typical Day of a Bethlehem Bible College Teammate:At 5:30, Katie goes to each of the girls’ dorm rooms, says ‘Good Morning’ and flicks the lights on. Larissa is always the first one up and ready to go as the rest of the girls slowly crawl out of bed. Melissa has the lucky talent of waking up with perfect hair without ever having to take a brush to it.  Everyone grabs their Bibles and enjoys devotions and a time of sharing what God has taught them. Breakfast is next and nobody wastes time getting their dishes and lining up. Bob and Henri are always in the seconds line, ready to finish up whatever we have left. From 7:15-12:00, the team works on pouring cement slabs for a parking lot. This involves hauling sand, rock and cement powder and then mixing and pouring the cement. They also build forms for this cement to be poured into and lay rebar down before hand for support. By lunch time, everyone has worked up an appetite. Some team favorites have been warm, fresh pita bread with deli meat, no-bake cookies and sliced melon from the market. The team eats outside and enjoys hanging out and playing with Kenya, Isabelle and Lily (Mike and Michelle’s daughters). Christos always manages to keep the team entertained with his quirky sense of humor. We then have library time, where every one reads a book about a missionary. Being directly after lunch, eyes get heavy and people doze off. However no one dares to fall asleep for fear that Zach will splash them with water if they do. Everyone enjoys this, even the person caught sleeping.:) At the work site, Elijah can be found working extra hard in hopes of gaining more muscle mass.  Mike has given him wielding power of a 20lbs. sledge hammer to aid in his cause. Finally, it’s free time for those who haven’t received a Special Blessing or bathroom duty (AKA The Piggy Award). During this time, Karly can be found playing with the Myers’ girls and you can also hear Sara laughing about something. Joyce and Janette have had exercise sessions on their sleeping mats in the hall. Everyone works daily on their memory verses. Seth and Danae are in a race to see who can get all 40 memorized first. When we hold a quiz off, it is always a close race between team mates to see who will quiz out first. Dinner is always looked forward to and includes a delicious dessert. Regardless of what we are eating, Rachael always finds a reason to put ketchup on it. A Canadian thing her and Michelle share. Hot sauce and Nutella are also added to just about every food item. Some days, the team goes to the store next door. Anne usually treats herself to an ice cold coke and paprika chips. We have a Bible marking class every weekday evening and a separated guys and gals class every other evening. We end the day with our evening group devotions. Locals often climb the wall to the college’s compound and poke their heads over it to watch us sing. One team mate gets a turn each night to share their testimony or whatever God has placed on their hearts to share. We pray for each other and other Teen Missions teams as well. As a team, we really love this time together. The girls get rowdy again before lights out at 9:30. Victoria and Ashley’s room is always an adventure to walk into.:) After lots of ‘Good Nights’ and ‘I love you guys’, it’s finally lights out. The busy days have been going by very fast. Not only are things being accomplished, but lives are being changed. Before we know it, it’s time to wake up again and continue our amazing journey here in Bethlehem.

You’re assigned an hour of prayer. It’s your turn in the “Prayer Closet”, which in this case is a little cranny around the corner from the work site. You sit down, browse through the pages of precious prayers and requests, and begin to pray. You lift up thing after thing to God…a warm breeze hits your face and you look up. Outstretched before you is the Holy Land. The beautiful, ancient rock of the mountains sit there proudly. Each home tries to out-do the others with beautiful stone, iron gates and window bars and all sorts of different textures. Scattered across the horizon are silvery domes and tall minarets with glistening green tops. On top, or in between most homes and buildings are lines and lines of laundry flying in the wind. Every once in a while, you can see an olive tree, which adds some greenery to the sandy-colored scene. If you look REALLY closely, you can see something very special…people. Not just people, but ones that desperately need God’s love: the Palestinian and Jewish people. Right now, I am sitting in this very spot. As I merely just described the scenery to you, I cannot even touch the surface of describing the feeling of God’s presence here. I’m in His Holy Land, talking to Him, telling Him my hopes and concerns, praying for the people here…I know He is with me and listening to every word.~Ashley Mitchell


  1. Thank You for sharing this update. It is so wonderfully written.It truely helps me to see your daily life there. Thank you to Ashley,you make me cry, I love you so much,and am so happy for what God is doing in your life. xoxo Mom:)

    May the Lord bless and keep you,the Lord make His face to shine upon you all,
    and be gracious unto you.

  2. I am Karly’s Aunt. It is so great to hear a personal antidote about Karly, and every other person there. It shows how much the kids are treasured. Thank You!

  3. 🙂 Thank you for making all the parents smile by sharing something special about EACH team member.

  4. Karly is my granddaughter, I was so glad to read your letter. I pray that each person will be safe. I hope that they all take the time to enjoy the special place that they have chosen to spent their summer I love you Karly Girl Gram’s

  5. Christina Lemkau

    My daughter is on the Hope Secondary Israel team but I really enjoy reading the updates for all the teams. You are a great writer and I really enjoy reading your updates. My daughter will be in Israel on July 11. God Bless you guys!

  6. Thank you for all the great info. I’m so glad to see that everyone’s spirits are still up.
    We are constantly praying for all of you and Israel too. Ashley’s post made me feel like I was sitting right there. Thank you Michelle for being “mom” to my daughter Sara. Can’t wait to hear more. God bless you all.

  7. What a great picture of what really goes on from day to day. It sounds completely awesome and like you guys are acting like a great team. Keep up the hard work

  8. What an awesome update!!! I really enjoyed walking through your day with you. And Ashley…I am full of emotion after reading your testimony.
    Praying for God to continue to touch lives through you (there and here) and give you renewed strength each day.

  9. It is a blessing to be able to hear testimony of how you are not only changing others lives, but about how your lives are being changed. It does my heart good. I agree with Brian and Sally when they say it is like looking through a peek hole into your lives. Thank you for the peek.
    Thank you Ashley

  10. Hi Christos!!!!!!! Don’t worry, I will wash your bed sheets after team scotland spends the night in your room. Saturday. Or will I……..

  11. Brian and Sally Kraus

    With each update it helps us feel as though we can be a part of the BBC team, looking through a peek hole into your lives and work there. I know the Lord has great things planned for this team. Our hearts, prayers and love are with you each day.

  12. Ashley, your testimony of the prayer closet made me tear up! I love you all and I’m praying for you! Stay strong for Jesus!

  13. Thanks for the detailed updates! We are praying for you guys!! Hugs and kisses to everyone – especially my boy Seth!

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