Two Reports That Were Lost in Cyberspace-11003

Around the World Russia Missions Trip - 2011As for the American team, our 21 team members are adjusting to the time change, after two nights’ sleep, they are much more well adjusted today. As of yesterday morning, the team was judging the O.C., Miss Piggy inspected their tents, and team members have been teaching and/or assisting with various classes. The weather is very nice; sunny and quite warm in the day time, pleasantly cool in the nights and early morning. We listen to the calls of many birds during devotions including cuckoos!

The Boot Camp here commissions on Friday night and very early on Saturday morning, we, along with one of the Russian teams, head to the train for our 52 hour train ride to Irkutsk. The team is looking forward to it very much.

The weather has been alot better than the heat and humidity in Florida, but we have had a few very hot days and one day of a couple hours of light rain. Mostly, though, it is pleasantly warm in the day and cool-ish at night.

All our team members have really enjoyed interacting with the Russian kids and they have also worked hard on various projects around the property. The Russian style banya is started and we hope to have the foundational concrete poured before we leave. The fence is being stained and looks nice. The team has gone out several times now and played soccer on the village field and many have come to watch and to see their presentations. We all attended church this past Sunday at Shadrinsk Baptist Church and the service as well as the bus ride were highlights for everyone. The team did two songs in the service, and David was asked to speak.

I am including a few testimonies from team members of their time here in Russia thus far:

Alix Kruntorad writes: “I’m having so much fun! I like everything about Russia and what we’ve done here (except the heat). I dislike soccer, but love playing it with these kids. I feel that God is working in me and I love it! God bless!”

Pierce Fryga writes: “Russia is great. I love the weather and how it stays light all the time. Plus, it’s fun to spend time with the Russian kids at Boot Camp here.”

Amy Waddell writes: “The time we have spent here has been amazing. I feel like I have grown a lot closer to God through the people here and also through the work we have been doing. Right now we are building a banya for the Russian Boot Camp. Even though noneo f us really know what we are doing, I feel that God will work through us to get the job done and (hopefully) well.”

Joseph Cunningham writes: “When I first arrived in Russia I was overwhelmed with an unwelcoming spirit, so I knew first thing that I needed to be here. When I look around I see that all these worn-down dachas and tenements used to be something great, but even in teh dystopia of Russia, I saw a crude crucifix made out of two simple planks of wood when I came to the Boot Camp. The little light is still shining here.”



  1. Christi Ferguson

    Any word if they have arrived in Irkutsk yet?

  2. Elaine Robbins

    Thanks so much for the reports. What great leaders! What a team! What a great God who loves all teens! Good to hear from you Alix, Pierce, Joseph, and Amy. We are so happy and proud of the team for how well you work together and love the Russian Teens. We love you Pablo! We’re proud of you Pete! Draw close to God for He wants to draw near to you! Smiling and rejoicing!

  3. Thank you for the update . . .

  4. Stanl & Merrily Cundiff

    Great to hear from the team! We are praying for you daily for your health and safety and for the work you are doing there.

  5. Stanl & Merrily Cundiff

    Great to hear from the team! We are praying daily for your work there!

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