A Report Lost In Cyberspace-11007

July 4, 2011-Thursday and Friday we spent clearing land for tents and for the building. We also dug holes for a fence around the vegetable garden. The duffle bags arrived Saturday (we were missing 31 out of 42)! The team has started to get into the routine here. We visited David’s church on Sunday, where we were warmly welcomed. Adam Faulkner gave the message and the team sang several songs and performed two dramas. Ian Sutherland, Jessica Harrington, and Kattie Guzman performed “Kapopo”, which the church thought was hilarious. Kesia Lee gave her testimony. Today the work has begun on the foundation of the building; we are cutting steel reinforcements and filling the area with sand. Our goal is to have the foundation filled with sand by the end of Tuesday and to have the concrete done by Friday. Messages from team members: Peyton – Hey Mom, Dad, Taylor and Preston. I miss you, and love you, and can’t wait to see you and show you all of my pictures and tell you all my stories. Kattie – Hi Mom, Dad, Vanessa and Kayla. I love you guys. Rebecca – Hello Mother, Father, Matthew, Michael, Hannah. Its going well here in Malawi. I can’t wait to see you guys. I love you, Rebecca Kaitlyn – Mom, Africa is awesome. I love and miss you. Kacey – Hi Mom, Dad and Zach. Africa is good and I like it here but I miss you. Love Kacey. Kayla – H Mom, Dad, Austin, Skylar. I love and miss you. Levi – Dearest Hall family, I miss you. Soon I’ll be back in the hood steamin’ like broccoli. Amy – Dear Family, Malawi is great. I miss you all. Love Amy.



  1. Dave and Bonnie Summerill

    Hi Amy! Hope you get this -we love you and miss you and can’t wait to see you! We are proud of you! Keep lovin’ on people with God’s love!!!
    Mom and Dave

  2. Glad to hear your bags arrived. Praying the team continues to be healthy, safe and for the amazing things God has planned for those lives you will be touching. Love you and miss you, MOM & DAD

  3. Hi Kayla! We love you so much! Praying for you each day!!!!

  4. g and g sutherland

    Ian and the team it sounds like you are doing real work. Grandma and I are proud of you. You will have to tell what Kapopo is all about when you arrive back to your home.

  5. Brenda and Larry Fast

    Hi, Kesia! Remember how I used to tell you that, even though we were in different places, we could both see the moon at the same time from our different locations? Maybe you can take a look at the moon from Malawi while I’m looking at it from Slovakia! How about the night of July 11, say at 9pm your time (8pm Slovak time)? If you can’t make it then, just know I left a message there for you–Prov. 2:1-6 ;o) Love, GrMa B

  6. Pam Sutherland (Ian's mom)

    So relieved to hear the bags arrived without too much of a delay. Can’t wait to hear more about “Kapopo”! Thinking of you every day and praying. Sounds like God is at work in awesome ways.

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