Update on Cambodia -11002

Cambodia Missions 2011Everyone is well here in Cambodia. We are now settled in at the boot camp property in Kampong Chhnang and trying to get into a routine. Monday we spent 8-9 hours traveling from Siem Reap. We stopped along the way to see an 800 year old bridge and also bought some fried crickets to try!  All team members—Amy, Bethany and Deborah tried them, as well as on leader (Linda). Most of us only tried one, but Amy really liked them! We got in just after dark and proceeded to set up our tents. We are sooooo blessed that we are able to have them under the shelter that will be used for the Boot Camp rallies, as it has rained really hard for a short time nearly every day! We also had a generator to provide light for the job. Tuesday was just a settle in day, as we only got our tents up and our sleeping gear out Monday night in time for bed. Wednesday, everyone was eager to get started working. Our main project is to clear land in preparation for tent sites. There are five tent sites to prepare. It involves clearing out brush and stumps from small trees, and building up the dirt where the tents will b,e using dirt from the trenches we dig around them for water runoff. We were able to clear three of the tent sites and prepare the “tent pads” for half of the first site. We are finding that it is really hot during the day and the sun is relentless, so we have manipulated our schedule to make the most of the cool morning hours, and we are now getting up at 5am. Most of the trees here are very young and small and don’t provide shade for working, so we are careful about sun exposure. It usually clouds up in late afternoon, and eventually rains on us, which really helps to cool things down. We will continue working on the tent sites this week and next until they are done.  Everyone is trying to do a really nice job to bless the Cambodian youth who will be staying here. On friday we will go to a youth meeting and do a presentation. Saturday, we will all go to the local market as we have discovered they have some cooler pants for working in that we can buy really cheap (which also make nice souvenir clothing) as well as a few other things we may like. Sunday will be a visit to a local church and maybe anther presentation. We are all getting along together very well and laughter is a frequent sound here; we see adversity as just another awesome mission trip story to tell when we get home! (Nothing major so far, stuff like torrential rain that floods our cooking fire while trying to cook bread and pizza.) We are very much enjoying the work we came to do, as well as getting to know the TMI staff here. Akim is a wonderful chauffer and tour guide, and we are getting to know Nellie and Sarah, who were not in Siem Reap with us. Thanks to everyone back home for all the prayers – keep them coming! We will try to send some pictures tomorrow, the internet connection is very slow and gives a bit of trouble at times.

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  1. Glad to hear the property is getting improved – it was a great piece of land with a lot of diversity and I know it will be a real blessing to the Khmer youth. The heat can be bad, but thankfully the rains help to keep the dust down and to cool things down for sleeping. I wish I was with you.

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