Cambodia Update-11002

Cambodia Missions 2011The team has finally settled into a routine here in Cambodia. We got another shelter set up for our kitchen, and just about when we thought it would start to run smoothly, the rains came down – and so did our kitchen roof! And right in the middle of trying to do some baking over firewood. It was constructed of metal beams and a tarp and just couldn’t handle the Cambodian rain and wind. We fixed it the next day, but the wind came and really knocked it down. We decided that a more permanent structure was needed as it would serve as the boot camp kitchen as well. We are currently working on it, and in the meantime, we moved our kitchen to the other side where the tarp was holding up. We got two of the tent sites completely finished and the other three have been laid out and cleared. We expect to have all five tent sites completed this week. On Friday, we went to a youth meeting and our truck broke down on the way. Leader Linda spotted the problem and crawled under the truck to reconnect the lower radiator hose that come off. Saturday morning we all went to the local market very early before working, and picked up a few souvenir items and some fresh food. On Sunday, we visited a local church and did a brief presentation, then visited a floating village. Most of our presentations have been very short with a couple of testimonies and a song or two – whatever was requested. Our focus for presentations has been to help promote the TMI Cambodian Boot Camp, as the staff here are still making connections in this particular community. This weekend, we are trying to set up a time to spend some time with the local village children, where we hope to do games, balloons, puppets, etc. This has to be cleared with the local police, who have been very friendly. A couple of us visited the officer in charge of the area at his house recently, and he gave us some rice and some hot peppers from his pepper bush. The sunrise and sunsets here are just stunning, and we also enjoy seeing oxcarts going by daily. The rain may be a bit troublesome at times but it really cools off the hot afternoon sun. We try to do most of our work hours in the early morning and later afternoon, saving all our classes and such for the shade in the heat of the day. Everyone is sporting a really nice farmer’s tan now. The kitchen is running smoother now and we are able to spare a lady leader for part of each day to help on the worksite – it’s really fun to get out there and work with the team, and especially helpful since we are such a small team.  We are praying that our presence here will really help with not only the boot camp preparation, but also with the promotion to help bring in more teens.

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