OA I Report-11008

OA MSSM 1 11008 has been out in the bush now for a week. We have successfully completed our first circuit, where we have been holding Sunday School Wednesday- Sunday. We praise God that we have had 212 lives accept Christ through our own team members sharing the word. Chad Codding shared the gospel twice and we saw 73 souls come to Christ. He has also been actively leading worship with his guitar. Joshua Rex also spoke twice and we had apx 82 people give their lives to Christ. Josh has also been the “games man” at Sunday school. The kids, as well as the whole team, love his positive energy he brings to the group. Katelyn Gannon has also preached the gospel twice and we saw apx 30 people give their hearts to the Lord. Katelyn has been an inspiration to the team with her abundant love for the Lord and to the villages we visit. Michael Seltzer preached to one of the villages and we saw 51 people come to know Christ. Everyone else will be sharing the gospel this week as we continue the circuit. Mikayla Vossler, Bailey Seltzer and Rachel Toddhunter have taken an active role in teaching the phonics classes as well as loving on everyone of the kids we meet. Andrew Kneip and Jacob Hall have been a real asset to the team as they are naturals when it comes to working with the motor bikes. Our team as a whole has been growing spiritually and are showing a continual desire to learn more. Every night we do group devotions and the team members, as well as the leaders, have been sharing their testimonies. This has helped us bond as a team and create team unity as we learn more about each other and continue to build each other up. We are having a awesome time out in the bush. It is completely different than any of the team members, and some of the leaders have ever experienced, so please pray for everyone as we complete our circuit on Saturday. Sunday we will be traveling back to Ndola base where we will rest up for a few days before doing some sightseeing at Victoria Falls!
Everyone sends their love! We miss you all.
In God’s Grace,


  1. What a blessing to hear of your trip! We are praying for you and those you come in contact with. We love to hear how God is working in and through you!
    Love you Andy, Dad

  2. What an awesome update. Prayers continue for the entire team and those you are serving/touching.

  3. You guys are awesome!!! What a wonderful harvest you have sown!! I am so proud of you all!! Thank you for the update! I have been checking everyday 🙂 and praying for you continually!! Love you Casey, Bailey and Michael!!! Keep us posted as you can on the next leg of your journey and will continue to pray that God will do great things through you!

  4. Jessica Seltzer

    It is so awesome to hear from you guys again! Praise God for the people he has saved! “=D It is so amazing what you all are doing! Michael Seltzer I am so proud of you and love you very much! Your sister 😀 Jessica
    Your entire team is continually in our prayers!

  5. Thank you for the detailed update, we will continue to keep the entire team in our prayers.

  6. That is great news! Thank you for sharing with us. I am continuing to keep you all in prayer. Kristen, we love and miss you very much, enjoy the falls for me! 🙂 Love, Mom

  7. Debbie Todhunter

    We’re so thankful for the health and safety of the team. Thank you for the detailed update with names and numbers! So good to hear.

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