Serbia Has Arrived-11009

11009-serbia-funWe arrived safely in Serbia at 12:00AM July 12th after a long wait in Frankfurt! After arriving late in Frankfurt we missed our connecting flight and could not get another flight until 9:35 in the evening. Our missionary hosts were still waiting for us when we arrived in Belgrade about 30 minutes later than we had told them (another late flight) and 8 hours later than the original time.  They transported us then to the CEF camp. We arrived about 4:00AM and got to bed about 4:30AM.  After sleeping until noon, we got started settling in here. Team members finished laundry, caught up on memory verses, and helped set up the kitchen. They got to go into the small town nearby and buy needed items (shampoo, toothpaste), as well as some not-so-needed items (junk food). It was a little exciting for them to exchange $20US and end up with $1,400 Dinara.  Everyone is well, with the exception of a few that have a cold. We are looking forward to a fresh start and normal schedule tomorrow.


  1. We continue to pray for delivering of the Gospel to all those you come in contact with. May your lights be bright and loving. What an amazing jouney God is taking you on. May He bless your paths and keep you safe. Lots of love from Pennsylvania!!

  2. We are so happy you arrived safely!! We are praying for all of you especially Elizabeth Osborn!! Elizabeth we miss you so much but are so proud of you! I hope you have settled in and are having a great time doing God’s work. You are so special and we can’t wait to hear how God is working through you!! Love you very much!!

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