South Africa Has Arrived! -11071

11071-south-pt-funGreetings from chilly South Africa. The team has arrived and has been busy settling into the dormitories and adjusting to the weather. They have really appreciated all the hats Mr. Bland had them stuff into their bags to leave behind for those in need. They did have two duffels that will hopefully be delivered by the airline tomorrow. They were able to track one and they say they will find the other. Leader Catherine Noel and Dahee are getting some clothes and warm sleeping bags from the shrock’s until their bags arrive. Everyone is in good spirits and the flights and connections went very smoothly. It was such a joy to see the smiles from the team as they all paraded in single file out of passport control to meet with us. We have made contact with the missionary that we will be traveling to on Friday and he is excited to have the team come. Everything is arranged and ready for their trip. They will visit several orphanages and even one in Lesotho just across the border. Tomorrow we plan on going to town in the morning to allow the team to exchange their money for sightseeing. Several have expressed interest in getting a blanket and warmer gloves. The afternoon will be set aside for final preparations for our presentation to the orphans and churches that we will be visiting this weekend. My devotional tonight was on Philippians 2: 5-9. We talked about what it will mean to have the attitude of Christ and be servants to those that we will be visiting. We are all excited to learn more about being the hands and feet of Christ to those around us.



  1. We appreciate the updates more then you know! Mom and I are going through Christian (Scott) withdraw. We are so thankful for everyone’s work over seas to preach the gospel. Give me bro a big fat kiss on the forehead and tell him that you all are in our prayers

  2. Hi Lizzy, With tear filled eyes I read all the reports. I’m so proud of you my dear for being such sweet witness for Christ, and being so brave. I have your bookmarker taped to my mirror in my bedroom. I think and prayer for your incredible missions trip. May God Bless and protect you all.
    Love you lots Auntie Rose from CA.US,

  3. Hey Lizzy……….. thanks for being Jesus hands and feet!! Send my love to Africa:)
    I still have your bookmark hanging from my rear view mirror since you gave it to me and I remember to pray for you and your team every time I drive somewhere! God Bless you!

  4. Everyone here in Port Colborne is praying for you ,our little Busy Lizzy : ) and wishing you a wonderful experience. You are all so brave. Just love to see the pictures of your smiling faces and to hear the events as they unfold. Every experience will be a memory and a story to share with all your friends when you return and we can hardly wait to hear the highlights very soon. There is no greater mission than to share the Love of God with everyone you meet, especially each other. Love you so much. Have a blast and try something new.
    Auntie Ruth

  5. Lesli, Sarah is awesome. She had a smile every time we visited our daughter, and Boot Camp was tough! She was an encourager to her team mates. 🙂

  6. Barb, is Mari Samara? If so, you have a wonderful daughter with a generous heart. I got to chat with her several times at Boot Camp. She was like the Mama of the group, so caring. Great kid! 🙂

  7. Charlene, your daughter is amazing. We live on Merritt Island so we were able to visit with the kids.I was so impressed by Lizzy’s heart for others. If one of the other girls were crying, she would be the first to comfort them. What a sweetie! 🙂

  8. Lesli Halvorson

    Praise God for safe travels and arrival in South Africa! We are so excited for all of you as you seek to serve our great God this summer so far away from the familiarity of family and friends! I know God is going to do great things in and through each one of you this summer and we wait with anticipation to hear all about it in August! We are praying all the time for you all and know that our faithful God hears our prayers! Attempt great things for God, expect great things from God! We love you, Sarah, and loved the videos we received from the Chases and Bryn’s parents! Go and serve God faithfully!
    I love you!
    (Sarah Halvorson’s mom)

  9. Charlene Maerzluft

    Wow– how awesome! Many people are praying for you all and in awe of how God uses those who say “Yes” to Him no matter what they’re age are. This team was highlighted at a kids’ camp in Ontario, Canada and so many parents and kids have been challenged to step out in faith like you all have!!! Much love to everyone and prayers! (Loads of love Lizzy!!!)

    Love, Mom

  10. Yippee! Prayers for the whole team and glad to know all are safely there! Love you Mari!! Glad I talked you into some warmer clothes to bring?????

    Mom and Ed

  11. This sounds an exciting trip! Which orphanage are you visiting in Lesotho – my two children are adopted from one, and wondering if it’s the same you’re visiting.

  12. Glad to hear they’re there safe! Wanting blankets soon sounds familiar – my first night there back in 97, our leaders made a trip to get us all blankets. It was so cold!
    (I’m a preteen parent, but not a SA team parent)

  13. Mary Beachy, Brandon's Mom

    Thanking God that the trip went smoothly. Praying that the two lost duffels will arrive speedily.

  14. Glad to hear that you all made it and are settling in! Please tell the team that Bryn’s parents are excited for them and praying for them! 🙂 Tell Bryn we love her!

  15. Thank you for the word on the team! we are praying for you all and can’t wait to hear the stories of God’s work in you and through you!

  16. Praising God with you on the news of your safe arrival! May your smiles that carry with them the joy of serving our Lord and Savior be infectious as you spread the Good News to those around South Africa!

  17. Yay! We’re praying for you!

  18. Carol Hochstetler

    So glad you arrived safely! Thanks for keeping us updated – that means a LOT to a parent back home — wondering!! Tell Caleb we are praying for him!

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