11001-SwitzerlandHello from Switzerland!  We are begining to figure out the weather around here.  About 80% of the time it is absolutly georgous around here, but because we are so close to the mountians (much like the weather in the Rockies) the rain clouds can move in quickly & a georgous day’s hike can be interupted by a sudden rain storm.

Things are going great here in Switzerland.  On Friday, the team pressed hard to finish up the stone wall for the 150′ driveway & finsihed pouring the rock base for the walking paths.  By completing this so quickly the team was rewarded by having the opportunity to spend the entire day on Saturday in Thun.  The team enjoyed walking around the open air market, visiting the castle of Thun & shopping for souviegners.  Many team members enjoyed having swiss cheese and brawtwarts for lunch.

Sunday the team again walked 45 minutes to the Free Evangelical church in Gwatt.  Although the team was unable to understand much of what was being preached, they enjoyed singing along with the Swiss-German praise songs.  On our way home we had the opportunity to hike up to high point overlooking Lake Thun and enjoyed lunch.

This week we will put the top layer of gravel on the walking pathes and begin work on a parking lot, which the staff here would like completed.  Last night the team had the opportunity to have the directors of the base, Rodger & Ursula, share their testimonies and vision for the base during evening devotions.  The team developed an appreciation for the ministry that God is using this property for.

The team wanted to share a bit about Switzerland with all of you (this is only 6 team members…the rest will be in the next report)-

Since getting to Switzerland I’ve learned more about what it’s like to reallyb e close to God.  I’ve seen how He can work through little things. – Ashleigh

God has shown me many things while I have been in Switzerland.  Gott is wunderbar! – Blake

Switzerland is really nice an dgoing into the towers was fun and the work has been hard, but it’s worth it! I am also learning a lot from God. – Carl

I learned to trust God to give me the strength I need I have felt my strenght dwindle throughout the day as I stop depending on God. – Garrett

Switzerland is amazingly beautiful!  God has showed me what it is to be a team and work together as a team!  and now with Gott all things are possible! – Elyssa

Switzerland is an amazing place, as so far this trip has been life changing.  I can’t wait to come back next year.  God has showed me so much since arriving in Switzerland. – Nic B.


  1. It is so wonderful to hear that projects are moving along so rapidly and to see that you are able to spend time getting to know the area as well! Thanks for keeping us, the families, so involved and informed about your work. It means so much! We will continue to pray for growth, safety and outreach for the team.
    Our love to karrah,
    David and Jodie Ballard

  2. Ryan, Erin and leaders, you bless us richly. Your care for and supervision of these students, described in these reports, is helpful to us as parents, beyond words.
    We love and value you.
    Philippians 1:3,7

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