Zambia Bridge Has Arrived-11021

After a LONG flight and many tired hours we have arrived safely in Lusaka. We were met by Eric’s brother Thomas and a white man named Robert. All bags accounted for with the exception of one five gallon bucket of food that was missing from a duffel. All the teens were excited to visit the mall in Lusaka and all exchanged some money.  We provided peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for two guys that did not want to buy “fast food.”. Also purchased fruit and bread for the morning breakfast. We will pump some water tonight. All of the team is excited about being here. We will stay tomorrow waiting for Joe and the Orphan Angels to arrive. I have the tool kit we purchased for repairs on the truck and they are needed. I looked at it and it appears that the water pump bearings are either gone, or the seal is bad. We will see tomorrow. This is a lot more than I had anticipated. I am on edge concerning the safety of this team all the time, but I guess that is the way you would like the leader to be.  All are well. We will be heading to the church for the night soon.


  1. Having been praying for each one of you. I am so joyful to know you arrived safely! Praise Jesus! May He bless each one of you in your ministering to others in Christ. I am hoping and praying for healing, salvation, and spiritual growth for those that need it. Love from JP’s mom in Florida

  2. Answer to prayer that you arrived safe.
    Praying for your protection and health.
    Sending our Love to Katie, from mom and dad.

  3. So thankful the team made it safely. We have been praying for them all and all the other teams. I pray this will be a very blessed time for the team, and for those they minister to. I pray they all grow in the Lord and grow closer to Him. Love from Amy Ann’s mom in Texas

  4. Esther Phillips

    Have been praying. So glad to know you arrived safely!

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