Cameroon Has Arrived! -11024

The Cameroon Team has safely arrived in country.Both our flights were delayed two hours but it was not a problem with the connections.  We arrived at the Miami airport at 2 AM commissioning night and spent a very cold night in the airport, we were just so happy that there were no mosquitos.We had a four hour layover in Paris which most of us slept through.

We arrived in Cameroon at 9 PM and by the time we got our luggage and made it to the guesthouse it was 11PM.  We were grateful that every bag made it in.  After a meal of rice, chicken and  pineapple we went to bed at 12:30.

We got up at 7 AM  had a breakfast of bread, tea and scrambled eggs and traveled the 5 hours to the Teen Missions in Cameroon base here in Bamenda. We need to get supplies and drop off supplies we were carrying for the base and  pick up staff and students to travel with us to the bush.  The team enjoyed the trip in a mini van and we were happy to have a meal waiting for us when we arrived.  The national staff greeted us and the team loved the rally.  We are sleeping in the dorms in bunk beds, which the team is grateful for.  We are all loving Cameroon.

The National Boot Camp is running and our team is excited to be a part of the evening rallies until Sat. night.  Vitalis Fon (national staff member) asked the team if they would be willing to teach the national teams some children’s games and songs and our team of Sarah, William, Jon-Michael, Brittinay, Braxton, and Ami were very excited to do that.  He also asked if we would do a phonics class Thursday and Friday.  Our team was really excited to put those phonics classes to use.



  1. Greetings Cameroon!
    So glad to hear this report and to know that you are all there safe and sound and with all of your belongings! (That is always a plus!) We are steadfast in prayer for all of you, for your health, safety, progress, and outreach. We are looking forward to hearing all that God is going to do through you all as you follow Him in obedience this summer. From the reports that we have been reading, it seems as though many of the teams have had some unusual situations this summer, which, in my mind, means Satan is on the move to keep things from getting done. How great that GREATER is HE that is in us than he that is in the world!! The Lord be praised!!!!

    Continue steadfast and strong…with much love,
    The Freys

  2. Lesli Halvorson

    Praise God for your safe arrival in Cameroon! Thank you so much for the update on your arrival. We are praying for all of you as you go and serve our great God so far away from the familiarity of family and friends! I know God will do great things in and through each one of you this summer. I can’t wait to hear all about it when you arrive back in August! Remember as you face trials this summer that those trials will develop perseverance and perseverance will finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything (James 1:2-4). God is faithful to use these experiences in your lives to grow you and your faith in great ways. Attempt great things for God, expect great things from God!
    I miss you and love you, Jon Michael. We are praying faithfully for you.
    (Jon Michael’s mom)

  3. Scott Stinchfield

    Cameroon team,
    It’s a long way across the pond, glad God is providing for your needs, it is my prayer that you can all see Gods hand as He uses you and the nationals to minister for His kingdom and glory. Do hard things. Love always.

  4. Brenda & Mark Anderson

    Dear Cameroon Team:
    We are praying for all of you. May God fill you with his power as you serve and glorify Him. We know that you will go through some hard times but keeping looking for God’s strength to help you. Enjoy your time and be great examples for Jesus. God Bless.
    (Amalea’s parents)

  5. Brenda & Mark Anderson

    Dear Cameroon Team:
    We are so thankful to hear that you have arrived safely in Africa. May God guide all of you as you serve and glofity Him as a unified team. We pray daily for all of you!! Keep praising God and allowing God to work through you at all times. He will do amazing things through all of you. God Bless!!
    (Amalea’s mom and dad)

  6. braxton strickland

    Dear Cameroon Team
    So glad to hear you are there and safe and having fun. I’m sure you are happy to be sleeping in a real bed. Our prayers are with all of you and the ones whose lives you touch during your stay. hugs and love
    Brad and Susan Strickland
    (Braxton’s mom and dad)

  7. Dear Cameroon Team,
    We are so excited to hear that you’ve arrived safely and are doing well. To Sarah and any others who departed Florida soggy and sick, I hope getting out of that wet sleeping bag will help you to get some needed sleep and back to good health! We are so honored that God has chosen all of you to be a shining light this summer in Cameroon! You are in our daily prayers.
    With much love,
    Jeff and Darlene Clark

  8. DEAR Cameroon Gang-
    We were honored to meet all of you on Sat. What a great team! Glad to hear you made it & are doing well. Please know that you are constantly in our prayers & thoughts. We pray for health, safety, wisdom & understanding, peace in all that concerns you & joy overflowing! We see you’re having a lot of rain. Keep your feet dry! Please tell the people of Cameroon that their brothers & sisters in the States care about them & are praying for them. Keep encouraging each other & enjoy the bunk beds!
    much love & prayers-
    the Huxtables

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