11010-Chile/Peru Has Arrived On Their Project Site

11010-chile-funWe have arrived! After coming into Lima and spending the night in the airport we began our trek  across the majestic Andes mountains to Pucallpa Peru. I have never been on a bus ride quite like that before. Wow!! What an adventure! I believe we went through three different climates all in less then 24 hours. The tropical part was the best part—so green and lush. From some of the signs I could read, I believe we reached an altitude of over 12000 feet. The bus stopped near the top and we stopped at this really cool Peruvian restaurant. The food was quite cheap and good. We arrived in Pucallpa at 11:00 am which makes the total hours of bus riding about 20 hours. We have half of our luggage with us and the other half is due to arrive later today. The bus could not take all of it due to weight restriction. So please pray it will arrive in a timely manor. All team members are well and in great spirits. I really believe God is going to do great things this summer here in Pucallpa. It really is good to be back.

In His Mighty Name!

The Chile Peru Team



  1. Kim (Caroline's mom)

    Thanks for the update! Praying for all of you!

  2. We are sooo happy to hear the team arrived safely! Praying for a great time for you all and that you will be a huge blessing to the people there you are working beside!

  3. PRAISE GOD!!! We are so blessed to hear that all is well. We will be praying that everyone will recover and get plenty of rest.

  4. Woot! Thanks for the update. We have been praying for their safety.

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