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11026-zimbabwe-funGreetings TMI! We left Orlando, and arrived safely at JFK in New York. We rushed through the airport and managed to grab some food before we boarded our next flight to London, England. We experienced pretty awesome turbulence during our flight, and got to see lightning close to our plane. We arrived in London with plenty of time to do a bit of shopping the airport. Claimet was temporarily delayed in customs. The team joined hands and prayed for God’s provision. 15 minutes later, Claimet walked through customs. Praise the Lord! After a 9 hr layover in London, we boarded our next flight to Nairobi, Kenya. Several of the girls complained of headcolds and ear pain, common with a lot of flying. We laughed at the beginning of the flight when we were instructed to cover our noses and mouths, as the flight attendants walked down the isles with “insecticide spray.” We enjoyed chicken or lamb for our dinner (at midnight), and then we were awakend at 4:30am for our
“breakfast.” We had a short stay in the Kenya airport before boarding our next flight to South Africa. The flight was a bit bumpy, but not as crowded as our flight to Kenya. We arrived shortly after 1pm, and upon reaching baggage claims, we realized we were missing 1 duffel, and our big metal motorcycle Sunday School crate. 45 minutes later, we found our duffel, and located our crate which is still in London. By this time, we had missed our flight to Zimbabwe. Bobbi and Claimet went out to find us another flight, while Suzanne and the girls had devotions. In addition to reading our Bibles, we read scripture passages on the Lord’s protection and provision during our trip, and thanked God for His mercy. Kenya Airways found us a flight to Zimbabwe on Friday @ 2:20pm. Until then, we will have to suffer at an amazing hotel, with hot showers, and all of our meal provided. (via Kenya Airways) The girls have been so flexible and cheerful this entire trip. They’ve kept their spirits through changes and jet lag, and have placed Christ number one. We can’t wait to get a goodnight’s sleep tonight, and finish our journey to Zimbabwe. As always, it’s a great day to pray for Zimbabwe! Many Blessings, the Zimbabwe Footwashing Team


  1. Donna Agnew (Emily's Grammy)

    It’s been great to read all your updates and see how God is working all things out. Even though it’s been long and hard He has provided you with loving touches along the way. Stay strong in Him and stay united and you will be a blessing to all who wittness your time away this summer. Your in our thoughts and prayers. Love ya lots.

  2. Alissa (Annie's mom)

    I saw on the airport website that there isn’t a flight scheduled for today but tomorrow, Sunday the 17th at 2:20 their time.

  3. Tricia Versteeg (Em's Mom)

    We’re praying for you guys! Thank you so much for the update. We are so glad to hear that the girls are keeping their eyes on the Lord and their hope fixed in Him! He always does all things well! May the team enjoy this day that the Lord has made and rejoice and be glad in Him no matter the circumstances! We’ll continue to pray for you all!

  4. Friday night in South Africa. Air Zim pilots on strike. Hoping to get a flight on Saturday.

  5. Alissa (Annie's mom)

    HI leaders, I just wanted to encourage you, in all that you are doing I’m sure you are getting tired too. Thanks for watching over our girls, this is hard on parents, kids, grandparents, leaders, everyone because we are all learning to trust God in different ways. Trust in the Lord with all your might, and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. Love and hugs to all.

  6. Becky (Taylor's mom)

    Big hugs to all of you girls, so proud of you! Praying for you as you wait on Him! Love you Taylor, lots!

  7. Brent (Taylor's Dad)

    Web updates are great! We are so proud of the team. Thank you for the information which helps us understand how to pray. God has a plan and will be glorified in His Way, in His Time. We love you all!

  8. Sarah (Ezzie's Mom)

    I’m so glad to know where they are and they are ok! Sounds like a fun delay, glad they can rest 🙂 And also so thankful they are staying unified in the Lord, seems like boot camp did it’s job! Will keep praying, Ezzie had trouble with her ears before we left. She brought special drops of antibiotic if anyone needs to know. These updates are awesome, thank you!

  9. Alissa (Annies mom)

    Thank you so much for the update, praying for you guys, hugs!!

  10. Thank you for the update. I had just looked at the schedule thinking the girls had landed in Bulawayo and were on their way to base. Now we know how to pray for them. Hopefully this will allow them to reach base healthy, rested and ready to hit the ground ministering.

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