Nepal Team In Kathmandu-11016

11016-nepalThe Nepal Team has arrived in Kathmandu after a loooong journey! We are staying in the city of Kathmandu with our host missionary, Reuben Rai. We have comfortable rooms with a shower!!! What a luxury we have learned to never take for granted again.   Everyone on the team was amazed at the busy streets and sights as we traveled from the airport to our temporary home.We will be in Kathmandu for two days and then we will travel to our project site which is about a 10 hour bus ride from here. It will be nice to get settled into a more permanent place and get to work on our project.We have a praise to share. On the flight from Chicago to Delhi, Ashley struck up a conversation with a man sitting next to her. He asked a lot of questions about Teen Missions and Ashley shared the gospel with him. He then prayed and asked for salvation! Boy, did we rejoice over that when we heard the story. Shannon said, “that’s one down, and many more to go! “

Thank you all for your prayers. Our travel went smooth and we arrived with all of our bags although they were very battered. We even lost a bag of M&Ms and we know how precious those are.

Continue to pray for the team. Some are battling colds and sore throats.



  1. My son Michel Bielarski went with Teen Mission many years ago to build a septic tank and a walk way to an orphanage in a remote village outside of the Capital City of Nepal. I would like to know if you have people from Nepal who does weaving if so who are the ones who sponsors wonder if Teen Mission are involved? I am so thankful to read all the wonderful work that are being done by people from America and around the world.

  2. For Kristin and Esther and the rest of this amazing team— today, I read an article that had a quote almost worthy of the work y’all are doing:

    “You have powers you never dreamed of. You can do things you never thought you could do. There are no limitations in what you can do except the limitations of your own mind.” (Darwin P. Kingsley)

    So have at it kids, and best to each of you…

  3. You are all in good hands. The work you are doing will never be forgotten, by you or the people you meet. Heads high, spirits soaring. Thank you for embarking on this adventure of love. Uncle Roy wishes he were with you. Kristin, keep singing, every day, it’s contagious.

  4. What a wonderful update. I am so thankful for safe travels and another person knowing our savior!! How awesome!

  5. Praise the Lord for a safe journey! We all rejoice with you for a new Christian brother:) You all remain in our prayers and will pray for healing from the colds. Thank you all for serving our Lord in Nepal!

  6. Thankful to God you’ve arrived safely. So awesome team member led someone to Christ on the plane! Praying for you all. God bless you.

  7. So tickled to finally have news! Thanks so much for the update! Way go, Ashley!!

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