Haiti’s Report-11004

11004-haiti-funWe are back in Florida!  The team arrived safely and pretty healthy from Haiti back in Florida.  We were exhausted when we arrived but encouraged that all of our bags arrived with us and we went through customs in record time.  The team stayed in two trailers off of the TMI property waiting for Super Boot Camp to leave for their country projects.  The couple days of relaxing was good for the team to gain strength and focus.  We were able to catch up on memory verses, classes, and just hanging out as a team.  We were able to make a quick stop at Walmart to purchase needed items like toiletries, water shoes and snacks.  We also had a great dinner at CiCi’s (all-you-can-eat pizza buffet).  The team moved out to the TMI headquarters on Tuesday afternoon, got settled in the air-conditioned A-frames, set up the kitchen, did laundry and took showers.  Wednesday was the first project day.  We are building a covering for a sidewalk that involves digging holes, cementing the poles, building trusses, placing the trusses and securing the sheet metal.  It is a big project but the team is up for the challenge.  They completed digging all of the holes and prepared all of the trusses in one day.  The team is in good health, a few minor cases of stomach upsets and head colds.  We are still trying to adjust to different foods and a different climate again.  Although it was very hot in Haiti, it was not as humid.  Keeping hydrated is a continual battle.  While we all have  struggled with the ‘whys’ of coming back from Haiti early, the team has accepted that God’s plans are different than ours.  Morale of the team is high.  We are expecting to accomplish much for the Lord on the Space Coast.  We are looking forward to visiting Cocoa Beach on Saturday and sharing in a local church on Sunday.  We hope to help in a couple of homeless feeding programs next week and finish our work project.  Thank you for praying for all of us.  We are very grateful for all of God’s provisions.



  1. Thanks so much for the update! We have been praying for the team and asking God to give them peace about leaving Haiti early. It’s good to hear things are getting back on track for them.

  2. Thanks for the update. We have been praying for Judah and his team’s morale. We know that this does not take God by surprise, that He had a purpose for bringing them back. We will continue praying for them and that He will shine forth.

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