Mongolia Has Arrived In Mongolia!-11022

The Mongolia team finally made it to Mongolia!…..But our luggage did not. After three days of travel, filled with adventures such as cancelled flights, short connections and an evening in the Beijing train station, we eventually took a thirty-hour train ride out of Beijing to the capital city of Mongolia, Ulan Bataar. We were fortunate enough to meet a friendly Chinese man in the Beijing  train station who helped us in finding our gate and food for the ride! He walked us across the street from the train station to a supermarket and shopping—there was an excursion we will not soon forget. Brooke, our friend, will hardly be easily forgotten also, as he continues his studies in art at China University. Brenda became a huge help, as she was able to speak to and help translate with the people we came across in China. We couldn’t have done it without her. Our train ride had us viewing areas of China similar to the American west! Rocky mountains and even pine trees made some of us feel quite at home here in the east. Many hours spent on the train made the twelve hour time difference much more bearable and upon our arrival in U.B., we all felt more rested and were grateful for the time of rest and relaxation. Our first day in Mongolia found us shopping for food with our friendly guide, Battsetseg, who directed us to eating Buuz (a dumpling with lambs meat) and Kimchi (A cabbage slaw) for our first meal here. It was very yummy and we had almost everyone coming for seconds and thirds! The apartment is nice and we are looking forward to making it even nicer. No sign of our bags yet, but we know the Lord will provide in the mean time. We all are excited and anticipating the work the Lord has for us here, and we are thankful for all of your prayers as we continue on this journey in this mysterious and beautiful land of Mongolia.



  1. BRENDA!! big sis is praying for you!!! so proud of you! can’t wait to see you on SUNDAY!!!!
    hugs and kisses,

  2. We are so happy to see the updates – this is the first time our daughter is out traveling without us, especially on a hard trip like this, but we thank God to bring her onto this journey with Him, and trust Him to take care of her to His purpose.

    Would like to see more updates!!!

  3. Donovan Dowers Family

    The final boy is Donovan Dowers, he happens to be a 5th year Former Team Member and we are very proud of him and the work he is doing.

  4. Haley Henderson Family 11022

    Also Donovan Dowers is on the team

  5. Haley Henderson Family 11022

    Teen Mongolia Boys to lift up in prayer are:
    Cyrus Duell
    Jonathon Meyers
    John Kim
    Matthew Kernan – from Alaska
    opps there is one more boy ….. help me

  6. Haley Henderson Family 11022

    Mongolia China Team Parents/Friends/Relatives please contact me to inform, pray, encourage, swap photos, share letters on what OUR God is doing in Mongolia. Thank you. See also the Teen Missions – Mongolia 2011 page

  7. Praise the Lord they made it safely! With this much adventure just getting there, I know God has much in store for this team!! I pray that they have a great impact on the people in “UB”, and that God teaches them even more of His mercy grace and love while on this mission trip! Praise Adonai!!!

  8. Stephanie (Jacob's mom)

    So thankful you are safe and sound. The Lord holds you (and your luggage) in the palm of His hand. He will provide! Would love to hear more of your adventures when you are available. Give special hugs to Haley and Nellie from the Maupin family in Savannah, GA!

  9. So thankful that prayers have been answered and Team Mongolia is in “UB” safely. Sounds exciting and wonderful. Can’t wait to hear more of their adventures on God’s road in Mongolia.

  10. Haley Henderson Family 11022

    Beth, thank you for all you do there, thanks for the Mongolia update, and your service ministry to our Lord and Savior, take a break, get some coffee or a coke!!!

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