Peru Arrival Report That Was Lost In Cyberspace-11011

11011-peruHola! We have all arrived safe and sound with our baggage. The missionaries have been very gracious and are bringing two of us female leaders around town to buy food while Pat and the team set up our tent site. God was so good to us during our travels. We had no delays and He answered prayer after prayer. Suzy S. was unable to contact her family after several hours of trying. A quick prayer and the next time she tried, her father picked up the phone! We prayed for another team who had been delayed and couldn’t find their shuttle to the motel. Two minutes later we looked outside and the team was loading up in the motel van! Upon arriving in Lima we had no idea where our gate was, so we picked one to sit at and eat while we waited for the information to come. Several of us leaders prayed silently that we had picked the right gate, and sure enough we had! It is awesome to see God so clearly at work.

The team has started ministering to others already. When Hayley, Vincent, and Julie saw that we had an abundance of food, they asked a group of travellers if they would like some. They said, “Yes!” After talking with them, we learned that they were a group of South African musicians who hadn´t had anything to eat since breakfast, and it was 3:30PM. We were able to share food, God´s love, and information on Teen Missions in South Africa. Everyone was very excited. Julie commented on how good it felt to share with others. While waiting around to board our flight, several team members took the opportunity to play guitar and sing a few worship songs to passers-by. All of us leaders feel so blessed to have such amazing young people on team. They are respectful and polite. Several of the airlines personnel commented on how well behaved our group is.

God bless!


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  1. YEA!! Go Team Peru!! So proud of all of you what you are doing for Christ. Can’t wait to hear all the details of your trip. I’m missing Vincent a ton.

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