Peru Report-11011

11011-peru-funAfter arriving safely in Puerto Maldonado on the 11th, we quickly set our tent site and ate a quick meal. Bed time was early (7:30pm) the first day as we were all exhausted from our travels. . Tuesday (7/12) After a good night sleep, the team was allowed to get up at 6:30 am, with mandatory wake up at 7:30am. This day was used to set up our kitchen, tent site, and bathroom accomodations; we also were able to meet with our missionaries and Italo and Rebecca Abuid and plan our evanglism and work project. Wednesday (7/13) Wake up was at 5:30 am and work began at 5:45. We have started working on two projets: clearing land, and building a stoarage area in an existing water tower. The field we are currently clearing is about 4 acres and is full of head high grass and thorn filled plants. The missionaries will be using the cleared land to plant papaya, banana, orange, and many other fruits.   The fields of fruit will then be harvested and taken to market. In the future the money produced by this will be used to help support the orphanage.  The team cleared approximately 3/4 acre in this field by the end of the day. The team has also began work on building block walls in an existing water tower.  The room created by these walls will server as a storage area for the camp. Thursday (7/14) Work continues on both projects started wednesday. All days have been unny with the tempuratures in the mid 90´s. On Tuesday night we had a light sprinkling of rain, but all people/tents stayed dry. 




  1. I’ve been blessed by this posts =)

  2. Karen Richardson

    I knew it had to be a cyberspace glitch! Thank the Lord it got worked out. For any parents, family, friends, I havent been able to contact, please come check out our family page on facebook, We have posted tons of photos and a few videos. It’s called TMI Peru Childrens Home, 2011

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