Report From Scotland-11006

11006-scotlandGreetings from the Highlands of Scotland! After a great time in Stornoway the team arrived back in Inverness on Friday evening. I, Matt Smith, arrived late that same night to find the team finishing their team time. They were in great spirits, and were glad to have Alana back with the team healthy and recovered. On Saturday the team did some much needed laundry in town, and practiced their evangelism presentations for a festival we had that night as well as for church the next day. That evening we went to the festival in the village of Ardersier ready to reach out to youth in the area. As we arrived, however, we were met with thunderstorms which drove us indoors. The church hosting the festival gave us tea and coffee, and we enjoyed live scottish folk music as we waited for the rain to pass. The rain continued, however, until it was time for us to return. On Sunday the team was invited to lead the worship at the Inverness Bible Fellowship, which is a Calvary Chapel church. After the service we enjoyed a delicious potluck while getting to know the small congregation there. We met many new converts to the faith, and were able to encourage them. We were invited to return to Inverness Bible Fellowship church on Monday to help with renovations on their recently purchased church building.  The building was formally a social bar for the local football (soccer) team.  It was left in very bad condition when the football team went bankrupt and was in need of much repair. The team jumped right in and started trimming bushes, collecting trash, leveling dirt, sanding walls, scraping gum off floors, cleaning gutters, scraping paint and washing tabacco stains off the bar which is now their tea and coffee area. I was very proud with how hard the team worked, and the pastor could not believe how much work these teenagers accomplished in one day. We are planning on doing another work day at the church next week. We woke up early on Tuesday morning to catch the early bus to Edinburgh for our sightseeing day. We arrived in Edinburgh about midmorning and hiked the short but steep distance to Edinburgh Castle. We spent the morning wandering about looking at exhibits such as St. Margeret’s Chapel built in A.D.1100, and the Scottish crown jewels. In the afternoon we walked down the Royal Mile shopping and enjoying the history all around us. At one point we found a church who had a free exhibit on the spiritual history of the Royal Mile as well as an exhibit on the Bible and how it came together. God even provided opportunities to share about Christ with some people along the way. None of the team has been in sick tent, but some are fighting off mild colds.



  1. Sounds like a great adventure. Nicholas we love you!!

  2. Ken & Brenda Wengerd

    Thanks for the update. Grant we love you!

  3. Larry & Cherie Cato

    WOO HOO! Good stuff!

  4. Great write up. I wish i was there with the team!

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