Sicily Update-11070

11070-sicily-ptGreetings from hot and dry Sicily.

The team is having a wonderful time so far. Laundry drys very fast making it easy to get clean… Sort of …clothes washed in the morning are dry in a matter of hours.

The brother of the missionary we are working with gave us some wonderful vegetables from his garden that we used to make some delicious soup. We’ve also got to enjoy almonds from a tree growing on the property.

Our work project is off to a good start. We are doing a lot of cleaning around the property.  We’ve moved some metal pipes into a pile a way from where the people are staying, started cleaning an attic that has a lot of old junk that needs to be thrown out, painted some of the doors in the bathrooms and will soon be painting the inside of the main building. We have also started to make a foundation for a new 2 person cabin, so we had to layout the building and they have been gathering rocks as back fill.  There is a lot to do and we are hoping to accomplish a lot in the next two weeks.



  1. Melissa Schellenberger

    Love & Miss you both terribly……but hope you are being blessed at what your are doing! See you in August

  2. Shelly, glad to hear from you! Been thinking of you and praying for you guys. Summer is going by way to fast for us. Can’t wait to hear all the amazing things the Lord is doing 🙂 Miss you and still praying 🙂 Wendy p.s. tell Cameron hi for us 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for posting a picture! I have been watching the videos of boot camp searching for a glimpse of my daughter without any success. Miss you! Love you Devan! <3

  4. Tracy Nickolson Dylan Nickolson's Aunt

    Thanks for the update and pictures. However any way to make that picture bigger. how often will this be updated

  5. Can someone list the Sicily updates under the “Italy” or Sicily category instead of the “uncategorized.” It is very difficult to tell friends and family how to find the postings?
    We appreciate your updates and love to see God’s work in our children.

    • Robin, I don’t have a “Sicily” to tag. The computer person is working on it today. Sorry, but I am trying…

  6. We are hoping that it isn’t to hot!! Praying for you guys and that God will continue to use the team.

  7. Jacob's Aunt Meredith, Uncle Chris, cousins Colin & Logan

    Way to go team Sicily! We love you Jacob and are praying for your whole team! <3

  8. Fresh veggies and almonds from the Mediterranean! Yummy. Praying for you guys!

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