South Africa Update-11071

We have been practicing our presentation that we will be doing at church and several orphanages this weekend. We also have taught the kids how to assist with the printing of the bread that they will be passing out to the people. They were all amazed at how the machine worked and everyone wanted a turn at helping to print the bread. Today (Thursday) was spent with packing up and preparing to leave for our first outreach near Losotho. The weather has been cold but clear. Around 40 in the evenings, with highs around 67 during the day. The sky is clear and the most beautiful blue. We had a birthday party for Molly and they had warm water for showers today. Went to downtown Pretoria to buy warm blankets and coats.
Team moment:  “I was on KP today and got to help make Molly’s birthday cake. In South Africa it’s very cold. Every morning everyone cuddles together with blankets trying to keep warm. We all bought blankets that are very thick! The base here is a lot better than boot camp. There are dorms for us to stay in. We all miss home but like the field.” Lizzy from Canada


  1. It is great to be able to see what is happening with the tean as you continue your mission. Please let Caleb, Brandon & Christian know they are in our thoughts and prayers and also the rest of the team!!

  2. Have a great time Sydney and be a blessing as well. You are the third generation TMIer!

  3. Happy birthday, Molly! God bless you all.

  4. Great to hear that some of the kids are experiencing cool weather =) Just saying… We are praying for you.

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