Trinidad Is Busy!-11015

11015-trinidadThe team is waist deep in footers for pastor Geralds house. We are about two-thirds complete in digging the 400′ of trench needed for the footers. We hope to have the footers complete by Friday afternoon and start tying steel soon. The weather has been hot with a few scattered showers in the afternoons. Tuesday the team had the opportunity to join a crusade going on in a local Muslim community. They were asked to share a few songs and were able to see some of the Muslims that attended accept Christ. We plan to work all day Saturdays so that we can do our sight seeing on Monday’s when things aren’t so crowded.  We hope to finish tying steel by early next week and pour footers before the rain comes.


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  1. Hi Melissa,
    Sounds like you all are very busy and hot. Keep up the good work. Do everything to the glory of God. What a great experience that must of been to go into a Muslim community and watch hearts being turned to Jesus. We will continue to pray for much fruit to be harvested there in Trinidad. We love you!

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