Australia Is Down Under-11020

11020-australia No worries! Team Australia has arrived downunder and enjoying the cool weather and the Aussie nature all around them. They all have a bit of jet-lag, but that is to be expected after a total of nearly 24 hours flying time. We had an early night and today we started on some of the many projects that the host missionary has for us.
Here is Georgia Wright, team member, relating our past few days since Commissioning…
“I`m finally here! God provided completely for the team while we were travelling. Within one hour of starting our journey God had demonstrated His faithfulness. We were all checking our bags and getting our boarding passes in Florida and a few of the team members had trouble with their visas. Normally it would have been a large fee of over $100 but United said it would be their donation and paid the fee. Not having flown very much previous to this trip, I quite enjoyed the travelling. Everything went smoothly and we did not have lengthy layovers. When we finally arrived in Australia we had to go through Customs. Because we brought food they asked to check all of our bags. Thankfully they were extremely nice and patient. We had no trouble but unfortunately  we lost our bacon. Everyone was thoroughly disappointed. I`m sure they enjoyed a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs. Shortly after going through Customs we met up with the Teen Missions Australia staff and we all loaded onto the bus. We drove for about 2 hours to get to the base. As we first started the landscape reminded me of home. There were a lot of pine trees and McDonalds. Before long it began to look more hilly and it was beautiful. It was extremely hard to stay awake on the bus because we had not slept well in about 48 hours. It was hard to tell what the base looked like because it was dark but it was chilly compared top Florida. We all ate dinner, unloaded our bags, got a quick briefing on the rules, and went to bed as soon as possible. This morning when I woke up and went outside the first thing I noticed was a small cluster of people pointing at a kangaroo. We all sat less than 10ft away from a small mob during devotions. It has been one of the best parts so far. We have gotten to eat and work with the BMW students here and they are all really nice. I personally am pretty chilly but think it`s just because I am used to the hot Florida weather. This is so much better. As I write this I am sitting under the pole barn where we eat and have team time. It just started raining so the rest of the team just joined me. We are all excited to be here and everything is going great.”


  1. Sherri Deardorff

    Georgia W…..SO great to hear that you all have arrived safe and sound in Australia! What a great opportunity to travel and mission and share the Word of God to others. We are keeping you all in our prayers and hoping that Georgia B is well and doing better. Cool to know that you are halfway through your monday and we’ve not even started! Cant wait for another update! Hoping you all are well! ♥

  2. Praying for your team and your leaders. Enjoy your time in Australia! What a terrific team.

  3. Georgia W. – Congratulations on making it to the far side of the earth. Not only is this a chance of a lifetime, it’s the start of a great lifetime. I know all your family here in Georgia is proud of you.

  4. I’m also praying for you all and especially for you, Georgia Barnaby! Praying for your protection, for health & strength, and for you to bring honor & glory to your Lord, Jesus Christ.

  5. Answer to prayers that you all arrived safely! Praying for you Georgia Barnaby, and all of your team members and leaders….I hope you get some of the many letters I’m sending…..God has great work for you to do….take it all in and lean on Him always! Love, Grams

  6. GREAT NEWS! I am so excited for Georgia W.and all the others. I am especially happy that the weather is cool there! i know they will all have a wonderful experience and learn so many news things about the world outside of their ‘normal’ surroundings. Be safe and take everything in…this is a chance of a life time.
    Love you Georgie!

  7. Beth, thanks for the update.

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