Ecuador Update-11013

11013-ecuador-funGreetings from Latacunga, Ecuador! We have been here since Monday evening,and the team is working very hard and eager to get a lot accomplished. So far, the team has repaired some of the fences around the property, some that were destroyed by the cows, and they are laying tile in the new apartment on the base that houses Jorge and Allie and their family. They have been mixing cement and putting it on the outside of the new apartment, and are waiting delivery of blocks so they can start putting up the walls on the second story of the apartment.Our day begins about 5:30 am and work starts at 6am, followed by breakfast at 7am. After breakfast and private devotions, they get back to work. After supper in the evenings, we enjoy our Grubby to Grace and God’s Gentlemen classes, Bible Study/Marking and library time. We also practice our presentation and close the day with group devotions and worship time. The weather has been cold, a big difference form the Florida heat and humidity. We stay bundled up most of the time, but thankfully the sun is shining now during the day. It is absolutely beautiful here. All the team members are doing well. There are only a few stuffy noses and occasional headaches, but overall, they have adapted wonderfully to the cold and altitude. The team will be giving their first presentation on Sunday morning when we go to church.

Hannah O’Conner has written a brief testimony of her time here so far:

“The field is slightly different than I had imagined; that is, it’s more real than I expected. The aches, the cold and the tiredness are all very real. It’s never hard to find something to complain about, and that’s often our first reaction. But if you take a step away from yourself long enough to put the big picture into perspective you begin to see things differently. I see my teammates working together to be a blessing to others- without complaining. I see them being thankful for dinner, even when it’s 30 minutes late. I see my leaders, tired as they are, cheerfully giving their time and energy to help us physically and spiritually. But most importantly I see people in need of the God that I know. If I’m complaining and focused on myself, I may miss an opportunity to share the message of salvation with a lost soul. Now if that isn’t real enough for you, then I don’t know what is.”2011-Ecuador



  1. HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY to our “Treasure” ~ ALLISON LANE!! Granddaddy Mike & Big Mama love & miss you! Do the singing cows in your birthday card look the same as the cows there? Have a wonderful birthday July 18th!! Team Ecuador continues to be in our thoughts & prayers.

  2. What a wonderful update! It is so good to see the photos! We are all praying every day for all of you…keep the updates coming 🙂

  3. Ashleigh Knowlton

    Wonderful to hear! So Thankful what God is doing!

  4. Thanks for the updates. WE are praying and thnking for you….send some of that cool our way!!! God uses those of us willing. Thank you for being willing!!!

  5. These updates are great! Love and prayers to Team Ecuador!

  6. So glad to hear that all of you are doing good. Praying for your protection.

  7. I wish I was there, I really mean it. I love you guys.

  8. I was glad to get this update..Praying for all of you.

  9. I was glad to get this update.. I will continue to pray for all of you. God Bless each and everyone of you.

  10. What a wonderful outlook from Hannah. It’s one we should all take every day.

  11. Your team is amazing! We are praying continually for you all.

  12. So glad to hear this update…Praying for all of yu!

  13. Bobbye S. Evans

    So glad to hear this update…Praying for all of you!

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