Kilimanjaro BP Update! -11012

11012-kilimanjaroEvery one the Kilimanjaro team did arrive safe and well with all our bags safely at the Teen Missions Tanzania property. We have been so blessed so far. In Florida, Nabels parents gave each one of us a bag of goodies and a pair of socks. And Daniels Mom gave us each a tooth brush. While in Washington we had a 15 hour lay over but then the Christian family met us and got us six rooms to sleep in. Oh, you can imagine how long we each took in the showers. Then they served us with dinner. It was like everybody’s favorite: fresh chicken salads with rolls, tea and popcorn. They spoiled us so much by even washing our travel shirts shortly before we boarded the plane to Africa,

The flight was non-stop 12 hours to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia then off to Kilimanjaro via Mombasa Kenya. We used two small buses, one with all our duffels and the other took all of us. It took us a couple of minutes to get to the base which is exactly 33 km from the airport. It was a joy going through the corn fields and crossing river Sanya. We have later learned that it is our water source to wash our clothes and use for our construction. This is right at the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

We set up tents and immediately went to town where we had dinner that night. The simplest meal there was—Chicken rice and chips, and lots of vegetables for vegetarians.

Wednesday has been our day of organization, getting water, kitchen set up and writing letter home which we have already mailed.

We as well unpacked all our food duffels and have settled in.

The weather is warm, cloudy with nice breeze to dry out our wet clothes.

Everyone is doing well adjusting to the life in Africa and they all seem so excited about the adventure of their whole summer and they are taking lots and lots of pictures. We love you all and thank you for praying with us.



  1. Lou Ann Hopkins

    So glad to read the letter and see the pics on the website. Am praying for Christian and the team. His grandmother….. much love in Jesus to all…..

  2. Aidyn is a dear friend of our son Brandon. We want him to know (and your team) that we are constantly thinking of you and praying that God will do many wonders thru all of you. Tell Aidyn his buddy misses him!!
    Cant wait to hear all about it! God Bless you Aidyn!!

  3. The Sussex County Bible Church family is praying for your team. Keep the updates coming! We look forward to praising God for the awesome work He does through you.

  4. We are so proud of you all – a big hug to Nabeal from his family. Nedda sends him sparkly unicorn wishes to her brother. We continue to pray for you and the way God will use you in Africa. Did Nabeal find his camera? Take a lot of great pictures for us.

    Lots of love,
    The Corrigan family

  5. Juana Hernandez

    oh, God is so good!!! He is so faithful . God bless all the wonderful people that have blessed you all along the way to your assignment. I can imagine how long Moriah took in that shower.. probably had to drag her out, lol. I know you all have been a blessing to each other and will continue to do great things for others in Africa. You all are in our prayers! Love, Juana (love you Mo !!!)

  6. We are praying for you all and send our love to Christian and the whole team we trust you to the Lord may He bless your work today. mom,Dad and all 🙂

    HE TELLS US… brenda borra

  8. Praying for your team. A BIG hello to Patrick Dove – from the Mendo family!! Can’t wait to hear the great things God is doing!!

  9. Love the pics and the details of your journey. Hope you have time to journal as well as take pics. What a wonderful adventure. Sharing you love, whats better!

  10. Jenifer Williams

    I am proud of all of you, and so excited for you! My prayers go with you. A special hug for my nephew, Drake Darrah.

  11. Thanks for the detailed report! Isaac says please tell Drake “Hi” for us! Please remind your vegetarians (and everyone) to eat only fruit and veggies that are cooked or which they have peeled themselves. We cannot wait to see those pics!

  12. Crying Tears of Joy- Thanks so much for the update! You are all in our prayers- Much love & hugs especially to Abby Puttman from Mom Dad & Ellie & Johnny.

  13. Hi
    thanks for input…say Hi to Aidyn Miller for us..we are his


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