OA II Has Arrived-11025

11025-oa-iiDear Parents of the greatest teens on earth
Warmest greetings from all of us – Orphan Angels 2:-) We are all in Ndola for the next couple of days. We had a 15 hour layover in Washington, DC where we had to recheck our bags. When we arrived in Lusaka, Zambia, 3 bags were missing, but came the next day so we have all of our luggage – PTL! Our foights were smooth with no complications – PTL! Our truck transporting us from Lusaka to Ndola broke down, but God provided everything needed to fix the it – PTL! God has provided everything we needed on his timetable and Jeremiah 33:3 / Ephesians 3:20 came alive as the necessary parts to fix the truck were found, a mechanic to fix the truck, and transportation to get around to secure the parts and return to the airport to pick up the 3 bags! We serve an awesome God!!!!! PTL! Abigail, Joey, Kerry, Jay, Graham, Taylor, Matthew, Jess, Sarah, Andrew, Moe, Jillian & Eric, and Joe are doing great and we all send our love to each one of you – “we love you!” We are looking forward to ministering to the orphans, but first, we have to train on the Zambian roads – most likely Monday with Tuesday as our target day to move out into the ‘bush’ and begin riding the circuit on Wednesday.
We love you all and will send another message just prior to our leaving for the bush.


  1. Praying for you all, and looking forward to hearing the stories of what God is doing in your lives and in the lives of those you meet and love. Blessed to receive news of your safety, looking forward to your homecoming, but proud and thankful for all your time in Zambia.

  2. David and Jenny Ward

    Blessings to Kerry and the whole Zambia team. We love you!!!

  3. I’m so happy to hear of your safe arrival. I’m sending up prayers of covering & blessings for all of you, and especially for you, Abigail B! Your willingness to serve brings joy to my heart. I thank God for you all. Julie M

  4. Thanking the Lord for his provision in your travelling challenges. We are praying for the OA II team and leaders every few hours throughout the day. Can’t wait to hear stories of the children that the Lord will touch through your ministry. Riley and Belle send greetings to Sarah. Blessings to you all.

  5. It was an answer to prayers to hear that the OA Team arrived safely and such a miracle to get the truck fixed so fast!! Love the smiling faces and pray for a successful ministry and safe return! God bless you, leaders!

  6. It was SO GOOD to to see your post when I got up this morning! Praising the Lord with you for His provision! Many people in Alabama are praying for your team. Love to my Jess!!

    Linda Vaden

  7. Thanks TMI for the post of OA/II safe arrival. We know God works miracles with, through and for TMI Teams – all for His Glory. Godspeed in the bush and with the Blessed Angels. We Love you Moe and all the OA /II Team.

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