Short Update on Honduras Horse-11028

11028-honduras-funWe just received a short phone call from the leader and the team is doing very well. They are located six hours away by boat.



  1. Thank you for the info on the group! Prayers are with all of you as you all do such hard work an in such harsh conditions! Wow! Tell Brooke her Daddy loves her! Thanks Greg Dunstan

  2. Craig T. Edwards

    Thanks for the update!! With all their other responsibilities, it’s probably very difficult for the team leaders to make contact at all. I’m thrilled just hear that they’re doing well, even in what seems to be very wet conditions. I pray that the team is blessed as well as those to whom they minister!

  3. Let’s pray for those in the Honduras Horse Team as the weather conditions are rainy.

  4. Thanks Beth. I can appreciate that they are in a remote area (as it looks many of the teams are). However, if they placed a call to headquarters, I was just thinking there might have been more than a sentence of information.

  5. Thanks for the update =)

  6. In reading through many of the other trips, I see a great deal more information being provided to the parents. Is there no more information we can get on the kids in Honduras than this?

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