Sicily Update-11070

11070-sicily-pt-funGreetings from the beautiful Mediterranean.

Work continues on all our varied projects. The team is having a lot of fun. We took some time yesterday afternoon to pull weeds and grass to make the property look nicer. We are having church at the camp where we are staying on Sunday.  We should double the size of the congregation and look forward to worshipping with them.

The cold showers we get every day are a wonderful relief after working during the day. The temperature has been in the mid 80’s but has been dry and dusty. The team has to put into practice of what they learned at Boot Camp – drink more water!

We have been enjoying some great Italian food while we have been here. Pasta, fresh fruits such as watermelon, honeydew melon and pineapple.  Most importantly we’ve had fresh bread most days which has quickly become a favorite.

Today we ventured out of our camp and went for a swim in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The beach has two sand bars with gentle rolling waves. They enjoyed swimming and making large sand castles. (More like an entire sand kingdom.) The missionary that we have been working with showed us a neat way to make sand castles using wet sand and dripping it out of you hand. It really made some neat looking designs.

This afternoon the team has been working very hard on their presentation to get it sounding great. They also did a lot of clean up work getting cob webs and dirty floors clean. All in all they are very tired today.

Everyone is healthy and sends their love to Mom and Dad and families back home, husbands especially!



  1. Bonnie (Mamaw) Abbott

    Thanks for the update. I’m sure your Worship Service today was wonderful and I hope Cameron was able to play. We miss you but are so happy that the Lord is using your ability and availability. Praying for you daily. Love to all.

  2. It is so nice to hear the updates every few days!!! It makes me feel like i can chat with Isaac when he gets home about things that he may have forgotten about. We are praying fort he whole team and will be praying that the team gets there presentation down so it will be a useful ministry tool. Thanks for the updates. We love you Isaac!!!!!!

  3. sounds like you, Shelly my child and Cameron, my grandchild are having an amazing time! Love you so much! Sending lots of love & prayers from here in Indiana!

  4. Haley Henderson Family 11022

    Great to hear from you Team Sicily, we are praying for you and your ministry. Everything happens for a reason. God will show you the way and what to say. Amen.

  5. Nichole (Kelsey's mom)

    How exciting to hear about the journey and work of the Sicily team. We are praying for your work and for your health and safety. God bless you all. We miss you and are very excited to hear about all your amazing work.

  6. Shawn Ryals (Jacobs 2nd cousin)

    WOW! So, excited to hear about everything…. Praying for the team as a whole and esp. for Jacob…. Keep up the good work students and know, your labor is NOT in vain… God will bless you beyond your wildest imaginations….. Proud of you all… Thank you adults and families who have allowed your children and adult leaders to go with these students…. Serving God IS THE LIFE!!!

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