A Report From Uganda-11017

ugandaThe team arrived in Koboko, Uganda on Wednesday after a bus ride from Kampala.  The team had the opportunity to see elephants, babboons, hippos and the beautiful scenery of Africa such as river rapids and mountains.  The next day the team settled in and started unpacking and organizing for the upcoming weekend.  We sorted the shoes by sizes for the first footwashing outreach on Saturday, and got crafts, songs and Bible stories together for the orphans.  The next day we started working on the TMI Base in Koboko.  The team is working on building a fence around part of the property, working on the floors in the rooms of the base, and buildling a wall that will separate the staff living quarters and BMW classrooms from the outdoor pavilion.
Saturday, the team was greeted by several orphans and we washed their feet and provided shoes for them.  Also they participated in games, crafts, songs and Bible stories.  After the orphans ate lunch, the House of Justice Orphan Rescue Unit choir treated us with several songs.  Our team performed a small presentation and thirty-six children accepted Christ as their personal savior.  It was a great and amazing day.
Sunday, the team performed in a nearby church.  They sang songs, shared testimonies and did dramas.  One lady in the church gave her heart to Jesus Christ during that service.  Great and amazing things are happening here and the team can not wait to see what else we may achieve with the help of God.  Everyone is doing great with memory review and we completed it by 2 PM today.
We don’t have running water and have to walk to a nearby stream to get water for bathing and laundry.  We have limited electric through solar power.  Our meals are cooked over charcoal heat.  God is still God and doing amazing things in the orphans lives of Koboko, Uganda, but most importantly he is challenging our own hearts to grow and flourish and become closer to Him.


  1. Praying for the team daily! Hope all is going well.

    Susan Dark

  2. God is doing great and wonderful things through you all and we are thankful for your willingness to go and be ambassadors for Him. I Hope He is speaking to your hearts and continues to speak through you of His love for those there and those of your families who are so proud of you. Elannah we sure miss you and look forward to your stories when you return.

  3. Philip & Paula Beesley

    What else can we say but PRAISE THE LORD. I’m sure all of us can’t wait to see the changes in our kids lives when they return and to hear of all the great things the Lord is doing through them.

  4. It is so exciting to hear what is happening in uganda. The children will be so impacted by what God is doing thru you all. China orphans are being touched by God this week too. We love you brittny keep shining his light.
    Mom and Dad

  5. Hi Katlyn and team, So excited at what God is doing in and thru you. Katlyn we miss you and so do your numerous animals especially Blackie. Praying for you all. Katlyn when you get home you can take as long a shower as you want!!! Love you Mom

  6. Praying for ya’ll. God knows exactly what you need each day, and He’s got your back. Love you Greta!! 😉

  7. Hello Neli and All of the Uganda team! Great work already!! May you have great adventures of faith and wisdom in your time there. Love you Neli dear!

    Barb and Ed

  8. Your Mom has been sharing your reports in church and were all praying for you every Sunday, and I’m sure that others are praying for you everyday. I think your parents miss you. It sounded pretty exciting just getting there. Hope you get your rest and enjoy reaching out to those in need. It’s been great to hear all those kids accepting Christ. Pastor Arnold

  9. Hi Kellan!
    How priviledged you are to have a front row seat in God’s work in Uganda! Awesome news about your team and its work. Praying for you daily.
    Love you lots. Nana

  10. Brittny Czarnowsky

    Hi Brittny!
    It’s exciting to read all that you are doing and how God is working there. We are praying for you and look forrward to hearing your report in person. Now we wish we were there with you!! We love you, Grandma & Grandpa Nickel

  11. So glad to hear from Uganda team, Liz we are praying for you and the team. Take care.
    Oma and Opa

  12. So glad to see you’ve arrived to your destination and how God is working! Praying for you all!
    The Earls, DeVore and Kirby Families

  13. A very encouraging update. The team is obviously having an impact for the Kingdom of God in the community around Koboko. After seeing the video of this team practicing their music at boot camp, I can almost hear their voices in the church service yesterday. The living conditions sound very much like camping or backpacking – and it is great that the team’s spirit is up.

  14. elsie swartzentruber

    great to hear…so exciting ..God bless as you all continue your work there…love ya Greta

  15. What an amazing update!!!! My husband and I are blown away!!! 36 children gave their heart to Jesus!!! Praise God! We are so thankful to the Lord, Teen Missions & the team leaders for everything. We know our daughter will never be the same!

  16. Darlene Czarnowsky

    Hi Brittny, just read the latest update. Praising God for all He is doing thru your team. Praying for you. Love, Grandma

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