Cambodia! -11002

Greetings from Cambodia! The whole team is super excited about the work God is doing here and we are thankful to be a part of that work. The roof of the kitchen has been completed, and now we are calling it ‘the house’. On Friday and Saturday, we worked mainly on leveling ground outside the building where rallies will be held during the Boot Camp and we have also been digging out a slough for the Obstacle Course. We plan to finish the slough tomorrow and then begin work on preparing more detailed, team-oriented items for the Boot Camp. On Friday, the team went to do an evangelistic outreach for the local children, but due to an unfortunate location mix-up, only a few children showed up. But God still blessed our time with them as Bethany was able to share the Wordless Book while Amy and Deborah passed out bracelets, and then we were able to sing some songs and play ‘red light, green light’. Today, Sunday, we were able to attend a church where half the congregation is a single family. We sang our rendition of Amazing Grace and were able to shortly promote Teen Missions in Cambodia. Due to the number of pastoral visits to the base and conversations the pastors are having with the staff, we are excited about the local teens who now look to be coming to the Lord’s Boot Camp this summer. We have noticed that we are becoming acclimated to the hot weather here, and we wonder if Florida will feel colder when we come back! We are looking forward to coming back home soon with heavy hearts because we will miss this beautiful country, but also with joy, because the things we have accomplished will be used by God this summer to spread his light in Cambodia. Thank you for your prayers, but keep praying for us and the Cambodian Boot Camp, that God will bless the fruit of our labor. Praise the Lord!



  1. Rebekah Piasecki

    Definitely praying for you guys…girls and guy. 🙂 Is there any way to see their flight plan back into the states?

  2. We pray for ALL of you! We pray God’s Spirit to be upon you. Love you all,
    Drew’s mom

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