Cameroon Update-11024

11024-cameroon-funWe have had a good few days in Bamenda and are on our way into the bush.  The power has been off more than on and so we are used to candlelight at night.

The team enjoyed the few rallies they were a part of and it was a tearful goodbye after commissioning on Saturday night.  The Commissioning service was really good and we had a great time of fellowship and the challenge that it is a privilege to serve the Lord.  After commissioning parties in Cameroon include a snack pack that has a cooked fish head, popcorn, peanuts and a cookie——very interesting.

Jon-Michael, Ami and Sarah taught the national teams a few American songs which they really loved.  Jon-Michael was a hit at the Boot Camp because he played guitar and because he is so small and cute.   Brittany , Braxton and William taught them some American children’s games for them to play with kids while they are out on their teams.  Lisa and Josiah and several of the team also spent time in the national kitchen helping to prepare the meals.  Taylor, Becca and Malachi are doing great, the baby is loved by everyone.  We have been eating lunch and supper with the nationals and it has been an experience.  Everyone loves the rice but were not too fond of the palm oil which leaves red rings around our lips.  The leaders cook breakfast for us and on Sunday we had all American food.

We spent Saturday and Sunday packing and buying supplies for the bush.  The Maher’s (head leaders) have been in touch with Bread For Life and someone is meeting us in the Far East village of Mbang to do our project on Tuesday.  We leave early Monday morning and will arrive to our project site Tuesday.  We will be building an addition to a clinic.  We plan to take three national Bible school students with us to help with the work.  You can pray with us for safety, good health and that we will have enough water to handle the building needs as well as bathing, cooking and drinking.

The stop in Bamenda was a welcome one in many ways.  The national team members really enjoyed meeting and fellowshipping with our team.  Josiah one of the leaders was able to share the Gospel with a Muslim man and we are praying he had much to think about and will come back to the base to ask more questions.  Our head lady leader was sick when we arrived and she really needed the few days of rest to recover before we headed into a much more remote area.  We were also blessed with a 24 hour stomach virus and are grateful it ran its course here.  Everyone is healthy now,  with the exception of Both the Maher’s  who still have cold symptoms .

We are grateful for all of you who are praying for us.  The leaders and team members thank you for those prayers!


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  1. Leslie Stinchfield

    Praying for your strength, health and safety. And that the Lord empower you all to be His witnesses to everyone you meet. Will be praying for the Muslim man, that the Holy Spirit draws him to faith. Love to you all! Assa 🙂

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