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11027-malawi-tumbuka-funJust wanted to let you know that we talked on the phone with Justin on the Tumbuka
Backpack team and have a few things to say about the team to help informing the
parents, as it is not sure when they are able to send reports out. They did find a
computer in Bolero, the nearby village, tomorrow they are going to try to use it for
email. We are not certain it will work, that is why Mat and I decided to write this
report for them.

First of all the project is going well, it took them some time to place the footers of
the Unit on the ground and dig them out leveled and all in line. Some of them are also
working on an area, which is completely bush to have it as a playground for the kids
when they come for the Unit activities.

On Sunday they went out “backpacking” for evangelism which went well, don’t know

Gift was very nice to Shannon and Sarah and by the time the team arrived he made them
an about 15′ by 15′ little kitchen hut with walls from wind and a roof from sun. More
then what I had in many places in the villages for cooking!

They seem to have all food what they need, they said they are finding things around.
They also got some of their food in the dauffel bags which arrived thankfully before
going up north.

On the following day after arrival at night, they went and visited the Paramount
Chief, which is the King of the Tumbuka Tribe. He speaks perfect English and is a very
different man we have ever met here in Malawi. He was super excited to see the team
doing some developement on the land, not just Gift and Fazina, the facilitators.
Ironically the same land has been offered for another Christian activity 3 years ago,
but they did nothing up till this point, so the King is very pleased that we kept our

Nobody is sick, they are only having some strange bugbites here and there, but they
have creme for it.

One funny story about the gap of communication between people from the outside and
from this country is for example that when the team arrived the leaders asked for the
bathroom. Thinking it is so polite not to say the name TOILET. So here is Gift proudly
showing the little bathing room made of grass. Here goes the leader inside looking for
the hole. There is none. They got it figured out, but it took them a few minutes where
to go to the BATHROOM. These are just funny things that all will laugh when all is
over, but it is certainly making all of us remember that things are not always as they
should be or would be “at home”.

The team is in good cheer, getting their 5th leader back on Tuesday, Lord willing.
Mathew is going to pick him up tomorrow, then takes him up north to the team, as well
as will deliver their last bit of personal luggage that came  one night from the
airport this week. All luggage has arrived, praise the Lord!

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