Serbia! -11009

11009-Serbia11009-Serbia11009-Serbia11009-Serbia11009-Serbia11009-SerbiaThe team is doing great.  The weather is warm, but not bad.  Highs are upper 90s to low 100s and the lows at night are low 70s.

The camp has many different projects for us.  We cleared some trees and leveled ground to set up swings sets in one area. We cleared areas and set up RR ties on blocks for sitting areas for classes of the camp that is coming up.  We helped finish breaking down an old smokehouse.  It was tedious work, especially the lower portion of the structure. We have also been helping with some over-all clean-up here, clearing storage areas and consolidating  to make more space available for use.

We have been staying in the dorms here, but will be moving out on Tuesday into the tents to make room for the youth that will be coming to the camp here.  The team has been thankful for warm showers and the washing machine that has recently been made available to us.

We were able to take the team to the city Saturday afternoon and experience a little bit of the culture, including a visit to an Orthodox Church.  Even more exciting though was the trip today to a grass-cutting festival in the mountains.  Our hosts invited us to attend the activity where there were lots of booths for souvenirs and food.  Men from different villages and even a few different countries came together with their scythes to compete in cutting the grass.  It was a fun cultural event with many of the men and women in traditional dress for the occasion and the lambs and hogs roasting whole on the spigots.

Following is a short testimony from Hannah Popa:

“Serbia is a beautiful country and even though I have only been here a week, I have learned many things.  We have  been working very hard doing projects and whatever needs to be done around here.  First we were cutting down trees, and leveling out the ground for a swing set to be placed there, then we started a big project of taking down the remains of an old building and carrying the bricks in a wheelbarrow to a ditch that is really far away from where we were working.  That project has lasted four days.  My favorite part of the day is personal devotions with God.  I just love sitting there reading the Bible and talking to God.  This has been a wonderful experience so far and I have been growing in my relationship with God.”


  1. Thanks for the photos and updates. God is amazing in all situations, especially the hard ones. May He continue to bless each and every one of you with the upcoming camp; many many souls be saved. Praying for everyone’s health, safety, and joyful spirits<3 the Andes family

  2. Thanks so much for the updates! Glad to see the boys at work (and yes, someone doesn’t like pictures taken). Hannah’s comments are delightful.

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