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2011-SwitzerlandHello from Switzerland!  This has been a VERY full week!.  Our week started off with a giant summer storm which swept through the region on Tuesday.  In the course of 15-20 minutes everything turned dark & the rain was literally coming down sideways.  All of our tents were flatened to the ground & nearby trees came crashing down.  Fortunatly nobody was injured and all were able to find shelter in a nearby barn & house until the storm blew over.  But God continues to care for this team in amazing ways!  Everything everyone owned was soaked & we were concered about team members sleeping in wet sleeping bags due to the low tempuratures.  But fortunatly no one was booked in the lodging facilities here for the two nights following the storm and the team was able to sleep in warm beds while we waited for the sun to come out & dry our bedding & clothing.  The team members enjoyed laying their heads on soft beds for the first time since they left home.  Now the sun is out again & life seems to have returned to the routine.

We accomplished some major works in our project this week.  As you may have been aware, much of our work here was up against a deadline of July 16th, when a major wedding was to take place on the property.  The team was determined to accomplish all of the work that needed to take place to make the grounds look exactly like the staff desired.  The team pressed hard and worked two long days to complete the 150′ driveway flower bed, replace the gravel in the walking paths around the grounds, and week all the existing flower beds and place fresh compost around the flower.  The grounds looked like they had been done by professionals!  The staff here continues to rave about what hard workers the team are & how impressed they were with the determination of the team to complete the tasks.

It’s hard to believe that we are coming up to our last full week in Switzerland!  It has been such a rewarding experience here for the team as we all marvel at God’s handywork around us!  This next week the team hopes to begin construction on a parking lot on the property & do other odd jobs that need to be done.  Please pray that the team will remain healthy and full of energy to complete the tasks before them.  More importantly pray that God will do a mighty work in their lives & they will each begin to understand the greater calling that God has for each and envery one of them.

As previously promised, here is the other testimonies from the team members:

“Well Switzerland is Beautiful.  It is like a painting it’s so amazing.  Well Boot Camp was tough, but nothing that happened there was bad.  Sinc ethen I’ve learned much about God.  My leader, Ryan Fast, he said that God’s peace isn’t exactly peaceful.  But the Peace of God is amazing.  And I hope I will be able to bring what I’ve learned home.” – Lisa

“I will never forget the dramatic now capped mountains coming right up from the banks of the adjacent lakes of Switzerland, but even more, I will always remember the caring and loving hearts of the Swiss people, who give freely and share what they have with us…the castles were pretty cool, too!” – Nick I.

“God is doing so much here as we work, study and pray.  His magesty is obvious and great and is seen through the sun, the rain, the mountains, the livestock and the love and energy the missionaries have here!  I don’t want to leave.  Working and serving here is incredible.” – Cori

“It’s been really intersting seeing how humbling ourselves physically really puts us in a position to humble ourselves spiritually.  God’s been opening our eyes to so much.” – Morgan

“Hello Mom, Dad and Girls!  I miss you gusy like crazy but I’m not ready to come home yet…sorry.  I am having too much fun with the team (not work).  I love you!” – Karrah

“Switzerland is SO beautiful!!  I miss you Mom and Dad!” – Johnna


  1. Hi Beth, Thank you for posting all of these great updates!! We can find this one on your name, but not in the Switzerland updates.

    Hey Team, It is so great to hear what God is doing in your lives!!! Praying for you!!! Debbie Tahtinen

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