Trinidad Update-11015

11015-Trinidad11015-Trinidad11015-Trinidad11015-Trinidad11015-TrinidadWell, it’s hard to believe we have been in Trinidad for a week now. What was once just another patch of grass in a field is now a construction site. On Monday afternoon the team got to work on laying out the pastors new house. As always with layout, things started off slow but once the shovels came out and we broke ground the pace picked up quickly. In the past week the team has dug about 430 ft of trenches for the foundation of the pastors new home. The trenches are 14″ wide and at the shallowest point 30″ deep. They have attracted a lot of attention since their project site is close to a busy road. Sometimes the crowd that they have drawn has even caused a bit of a traffic jam. As the dirt has piled high and the trenches get deeper more people want to know what I going on. We worked Saturday and the neighbor across the street who is a Muslim came over to talk with the pastor about this group of kids. He told the pastor what a blessing it was to him to see how the kids work in the heat and sun and could not help but to “praise God”. Later that morning he arrived with a snack for the team of “doubles” and pear soda. Doubles is a local food consisting of chick peas, curry, flatbread, and for the adventurous pepper. The team has been very excited as they see the progress continue on the worksite and have already started tying steel for the footers. We will be heading to Maracas Bay on Monday for a day of site seeing. We hope to finish tying steel and digging the trenches on Tuesday so that we can pour the foundation on Wednesday. We appreciate all the prayer being lifted up for us we have been truly blessed with wonderful weather and amazing people to work with. We will send an update in a few days.



  1. Bev Davis and Rick Litchfield

    Hi Nathaniel, We have been praying for you and are so pleased that you are having this experience. We concur with the Garrett’s posting; we pray that God is giving you the strength and courage to do what He has called you to do. May he use you as a light to shine His love into the lives of those watching you work. In His Love, Mr. & Mrs Litchfield

  2. Pat and Jim Garrett

    Hi, Nathaniel (and Trinidad team)

    We are praying for you. It’s hard to work so hard in the heat, but God has been blessing your work. May He continue to give you strength and endurance. May He touch your hearts just as He is touching the hearts of those who are watching you.
    Love, Mr. and Mrs. Garrett (PS it’s hot and humid here too)

  3. Hey Nathaniel, Not sure if you are getting this. We love you, miss you. We are getting the updates, love mom and dad. Hard work you are doing there! Wow can’t think of anything harder then digging trenches. God Bless you.

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