Update on Nepal-11016

11016-nepal-funWe arrived in Ulabari after a long 13 hour bus ride over bumpy roads.  We are staying in the home of a wonderful family and like watching the water buffalo in the rice paddies.  Everyone on the team loves it here!  That last two nights, we have done puppet presentations along the road for the local children. They love it!  We also handed out wordless bracelets and explained the gospel story,  We gave them balloons shaped like crosses, dogs, rabbits and such.  Molly has decided that she never wants to leave.  She is in love with all the kids here.  (Hope that doesn’t alarm her family too much, LOL).   It has been raining since we arrived,  We quickly learned what monsoon season means.   There has been no opportunity to get started on the project, yet.  The team members are getting antsy to get to work. Please pray that God will provide a dry bubble here so we can work or give us another project to work on.

I am finally able to feed the team the way i like to do and they are so appreciative of the good home cooked food after all our days of travel.  Josiah comes back for thirds and fourths most every meal!!!

Everyone is healthy except for a few coughs and sore feet.  Saturday is the Holy Day here so yesterday, the team attended and Evangelical Baptist church and did a presentation.  They were welcomed to the pastor’s home after the service for juice.  He was very kind and asked the team to pray for his daughter who was in a bus accident in Kathmandu recently.

We will be here for two more weeks.  On July 31, we make the long journey back to Kathmandu and then prepare for our sightseeing days in India.

Thanks for the prayers!   The results are so obvious to us!!!
We will try again to send pictures with our  next report.  I have tried already, but an experiencing some technical difficulty getting them to upload!

We all miss our families, but love our time here together!!!



  1. (Helen’s mom) Wonderful to hear from you. So happy to hear all is well and everyone is healthy. I have been praying especially for health and safety of the team. Praise the Lord! I will continue to do so.

  2. Thanks for the update:) We will pray for the requests mentioned. We understand about Molly as we would feel the same (please do come home when it is time:) Can’t wait to see photos of those precious children!!

  3. (Taylor’s mom): Thank you so much for writing again. Yes, it is so good to hear more news. Love the image of you cooking and Josiah coming back again and again. Glad everyone seems healthy…Will begin praying ceaselessly for the work to start as I know our son likes the work…Guess monsoon will have a new meaning for them…Please send word about the individuals on the team. WE are praying everyday all the time.

  4. (Kristin’s Mom) Thank-you so much for the update!!! We needed news…. Glad all is well with the team. Praying constantly for you all.

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