Another Report From Malawi-11027

Excitement Impossible To Curb. By: Faith Baliles,
    Within a bumpy eight-hour Journey to Tumbuka, a variety of setting occured. We were in sheer awe at the invironment while waving to every person we passed. From falling asleep on top of supplies to singing veggie tales and other songs, everyone was filled with an excitement that would have been imposibble to curb.
    Upon aririval at our sight in Tumbuka, the sound of music filled the air. Walking around a corner, we discovered a group of several dozen grinning orphans singing one gorgeous song after another. their presence has filled our lives ever since. One little girl about 2 years old, Umpaso, has especially attatched herself to Sarah, one of our leaders, and I.  Whenever she sees me, she comes running up; her little arms in the air anticipating her own personal “pony ride”. Another little orphan, Junior, who is about 9 or 10, runs up to grab my hand or help me everytime he sees me; with a huge grin splitting his face. We are all enthralled with these kids.
    Justin and Shannon even took a group to meet the King. He was very well dressed and welcomed us to his Tumbuka. Work everyday maintains a light-hearted air. The first day of clearing the road and laying out the foundation, saw a willing group of workers. While chopping away at some stubbern roots with Melani, Megan and I, Seth and Isaiah bantered back and forth with “you know what i’m doin?”, “Getting ripped!” In the meantime Joey, Micheal, David, Carissa, Josiah and Justin worked steadily to begin the foundation. From time to time you would hear groups singing Veggie Tales songs or a song from boot camp. At other times you will hear a squeal from Madi or charisa and an outburst of laughter at a strange bug or, between meals, the guys will go into a deep conversation, remembering meals past or planning meals to come, this usually includes Isaiah’s infamous buffet song.
    During laundry time we all enjoy ourselves. After a mile walk to the nearby pump, we typically have aquired quite a following of orphans. While some work on their arm muscles at the pump, sarah, david, abi, and brenna chase and play with the kids. Meanwhile typically umpaso sits contently in my arms, usually falling asleep, while Josiah flies the little boys around like airplaines or tickles umpaso following her adorible little smile.  We still somehow manage to get our laundry done though im not really sure how.
     Yesturday, in Bolero, following a “short” 45 minute walk to the church, we enjoyed an energy filled service. we were invited to sing several songs, listened to a song from the children and heard an inspiring message about Paul’s trials and challenge to face our own. Later we had the opportunity to perform puppets and songs and drama for the children followed by a presentation of the Gospel and invitation.
    We all love it here and I for one am in no hurry to leave. the friendly people, plain like area surrounded by mountains and the orange moon with countless stars, have captivated and amazed us.
Report by Justin O’Hara
    Malawi Tumbuka Backpack
Our time here in Malawi has been quite busy. When we arrived on the 12th we went to the base and unloaded our belongings thinking we would spend some time at the base. However, we thought it best to go on the 14th to our project site in Tumbuka. When we arrived the team was captivated with the sceanery and the children. After the truck was unloaded and tents were up and food put into our bellies, we had a time of prayer for our families and each other. We can feel your prayers here. We have been blessed with all that we have and thank God for you parents, family, and friends. Parents you have done well raising your dear children. They have been a blessing to us leaders and we have had no dicipline issues. Our project is coming into full swing. We have finished laying our foundation today and will let it sit all day tomorrow and work on other project while it cures. We are all in good heath. There are some minor sniffels and acking feet but other than that we are doing well. The weather here has been fantastic and we have enjoyed the sun every day. Yesturday we did our first evangelism outreach and 51 children accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior! It was a blessing to be used by God in this way. We enjoy the children so much and are falling deeply in love with them. They really loved the puppets, music and drama. On the 15th, the King of the Tumbukas invited us to his office where he welcomed us to his kingdom. He has assured us that we are most welcome and that if we have any problems that we let him know. He has given us his personal cell number so we feel very inportant. Its not everyday that a king give you his phone number. This coming week we will continue with our Rescue Unit and an area for the kids to play. The team is doing well with their memory verses. the Word of God is filling their heads and their hearts. Continue to pray for us. They miss you and covet your prayers. Blessings!
Justin O’Hara
Head male leader


  1. Jeanie and Mark Wodka

    Hi Everyone,
    We are so excited for the awesome experiences you are having. How God is working through you in the lives of these children and how God is working in your lives. These kids are not fatherless anymore, praise God! Please tell David we love and miss him very much. We’re praying for you all- don’t grow weary in doing good at the proper time you will reap a harvest if you do not give up. Love,

  2. Kathy and Mike OHara

    It is so good to hear these updates and yes Justin and Shan – prayers go out every minute of every day and I know and trust in our Lords guidance in everything you all do. Our hearts are overflowing with joy in your desire to serve and your complete devotion to spreading Gods word.. We miss you both dearly and are all well. Mom and Dad

  3. Brad and Laura Rud

    Dear team, we are so proud of the work that you are doing! You are truly bringing the heart of Jesus with you! Michael, we miss you very much, but are so proud of you. We know that you are exactly where God wants you to be. Seth, do your very best to watch out for Michael, but we know it’s a challenge! God bless all of you! Mom is taking care of Blaze- does the phrase ‘four axe handles’ ring any bells? Love, Mom and Dad

  4. This is tremendous to hear and a great encouargment. We miss our girl but we are so excited for the exprience that she and the rest of the team is having. We are confident that the kingdom will grow and they will each be changed in good ways. Thanks for the update and pass our love to Madi. Dad

  5. Thank-you for these great updates. Our prayers are being answered. We can see that God is at work! We will continue to lift up our son, Isaiah, and all the team. Billie

  6. Shelba Nicholas

    We are praying for you all and we are blessed to have you all to step out and take our young adults to reach out to others In Jesus’s name. Thank you so for giving of yourselves. I miss my son but I know he is reaping in so much. Tell him hello from his family and that we miss him. Tell Mike as well. In Him Shelba

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