11004-haiti-funGreetings from Florida!

The Haiti team is now very well adjusted to the heat, mosquitos and storms of Florida. We were lucky enough to take a break from work on Saturday to visit Cocoa Beach. On Sunday we visited a local community church and were able to bless the congregation with our testimonies from Haiti. The pastor of the church invited the team to a wonderful feast of fresh fruits, vegetables, salad and lasagna. We also had the chance to swim in the Teen Missions pool and go canoeing in one of the lakes on the property. Last night the team had a blast playing dodgeball with jumbo marshmallows. We have been catching up on our memory verses and practicing quizzing. Overall the team is healthy although we still have a few head colds and slight cases of mild stomach problems. We are currently working on various projects around the base and are also in preperation for Debrief. We are hoping to return to our covered sidewalk this afternoon in hopes to complete it in time for Debrief.



  1. James and Tammi

    Praise the Lord! We’ll continue to pray for Judah and his team members’ stomach bugs.

  2. Sounds like a BLAST! Thanks for the update:)

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