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11018-hope-schoolWhat a day we had yesterday! We left about 7:30 AM and took a bus into the old city of Jerusalem for a couple of hours where we saw the Church of the Holy Seplechure where they had a number of different services going on in different religions. We then walked to the new city and had church with the Jerusalem Baptist Church. There were people from England, Kenya, Australia, Canada and the US fellowshipping together. There were about 40 of us. After a picnic lunch under the huge olive tree in the garden we walked back to the old city, which included walking down the Via Delarosa, and proceeded to the Wailing Wall. We spent some time there learning about what they believe and had a time of prayer ourselves. We could see the gold Dome of the Rock while we were walking there. We then took the rest of the afternoon and did some shopping in the market. Things are a little different here where you don’t plan to do much on Friday afternoon or Saturday as things are closed. We had a wonderful time looking for souvenirs and bartering with the local merchants. Israel is known for its spices which we smelled all day. We found a lot of good buys! We returned back home on the bus, exhausted. It was a great day to see many things and we learned a lot about Israel. We are getting used to the Muslim prayer calls which go out 4 times a day.
The project is going well. We continue to paint and work on the outside fence. Many people stop to see what the Americans are doing! Our host has been gracious and treated us to a wonderful BBQ of burger (lamb and beef mixed), chicken, salads and french fries, ending with some ice cream! They are making us a fish dinner this week.
We appreciate your continued prayers.

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  1. Thanks for the update. We look forward to seeing the pictures.

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