Malawi Boat-11007

  1. 11007-malawiAside from a couple of illnesses, the team is doing fine. While construction has progressed slowly, the team has had several opportunities to take the boats out. The concrete for the foundation is still not finished. We will probably finish it this week. The team has started construction on the fence around the vegetable garden. The weather has been cold in the morning, and warm with a cool breeze in the afternoon.

Here are some stories from team members:


“Today for breakfast we had … Jungle oats … mmm tasty! The work project is going well, today they are continuing to lay concrete for the foundation and hopefully it will be finished today. Once the foundation is done we will be able to start laying bricks. Yesterday David left to go to Lilongwe to pick up the truck and he should get back sometime today. Tomorrow we are leaving to go to Liwonde for our safari. We’re not really sure what to expect yet but I think we’ll be staying overnight in a hotel. It’ll be nice that everyone can get a break from the work for a relaxing weekend. I’m excited to start working again soon hopefully since I’ve been sick for like a week. I’m glad to be back with everyone again after being in the hospital. Hopefully everyone will stay healthy and continue to stay healthy for the rest of our time here and together.”  — Becky Trulock, on July 14.


“Well everyone is out of sick tent yaya [sic]! The dorms are finally coming together and it looks like we have done work, the work has been a lot harder since we didn’t have our [sic] duffels for a while. I would love to see people back home do the work that we have done, and how we have lived here this summer. I love this team we have bonded so well and learned how to unite and work for God. Something I have learned is to get over your differences and realize that God wants us both here to serve him. One thing that’s really cool is most of the time when we are working the kids of the village come and help, then we sing with them and after the work is done we play games with them. The presentations go really well and their so much fun, the kids faces are so cute when we come their so happy. When we go to the village for anything the kids come out singing, smiling, laughing, and they hold are[sic] hands. Well time to go back to work. Hopefully we get done with the cement to day [sic]! Also happy birthday Alex I miss you and love you happy Big (21) I Love and miss everyone back home. Love you mom.”  — Jessica Harrington, on July 14.



  1. Pam Sutherland (Ian's mom)

    So good to hear from the team. And also to hear that most are feeling better. Can’t wait to hear all the stories about your experiences and how God is using them all, and you all, for His mission in Malawi! Miss you so much, Ian. Everyone here in Dallas sends their love. Grandma has been asking about you a lot.

  2. Jessica I miss you and love you! Sorry to hear that you have been sick, praying for you and your team. Big Hug!

  3. Glad to hear from you Becky. I’ve missed you ALOT and very thankful you are feeling better and back with your team. Continue to feel better and know that everyone here is praying for you and your team as you minister to ALL you come in contact with. Love you and looking forward to the many stories.

  4. So glad to hear from the team! Can’t wait to hear what Erin has to say when she gets home! Praying for all of you!

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