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Hello from OA MSSM 1 11008! We have successfully made it from the bush to the TMI Ndola base as of yesterday afternoon. We left Saturday morning and traveled to a rescue unit were were did a presentation and then stayed the night. We left that morning and headed to the Ndola base, even though we struggled with having bike issues but we eventually made it and everyone is safe and happy to be here. We will have a few days at the base to wind down, go into town and get rested up before we start traveling on Thursday to Victoria Falls. Again, we want to thank you for your continued prayers and support, we know God was with us through our time in the bush and even now and can’t wait to share all that has happened so far. We will send the other report tommorow.
The OA MSSM 1 11008 Team
Web Testimonies
Being back in the city after 2 weeks in the bush of Zambia was a change, actually a major change, going from riding on dirt pavement felt so weird and also seeing more buidings than trees was different but the experience was amazing. I will never forget the faces of each kid that accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, all 656 of them. I will never forget the fun and joy of them chasing me to get the soccer ball away, and I will never forget the need of food, housing, water and love. My time in the bush gave me a greater outlook on my life back home and it has definitely changed the way I look at things and the way I look at how I spend my time and my life. A saying I learned in the bush that sums this ALL up is TIA. Which means This is Africa and that everything I experienced is normal for them and everyday life. I will always keep them in my prayers. – Michael Seltzer
Hello Zambian Parents! Woooo!! It’s good to be back in Ndola. The two weeks of travel in the bush was Amazing! We traveled to 6 different villages/rescue units and every time we saw people come to Christ. The need out there is unmistakeably intense, but their hearts are so open to hearing about Jesus and Gods love. Every place we went there were always smiling kids ready to give us hugs. The experience was incredible, but also very tiring towards the end. Riding the bikes really takes it out of you. But even in that exhaustion no one wanted to leave the field because everyone could God working. Anyway, time to go take a nap!
-Chad Codding #8
The past few weeks have been crazy! Evangelizing was exhausting, fun, energetic, and exhilerating. The weeks flew by. It was fun to meet the kids from each village. They are unique- some are gorgeous model-beautiful. Others are shy and some are loud and friendly. The young ones are usually scared, they have never seen “Munzungus” before. I had a darling little girl in my lap at one of the stops. She was maybe 2 years old and didnt say a word. She did, however, pee on me….. Now that we are back in Ndola, everyone feels much better. Our time in the bush was completely worth it, but we are all glad to be back, where we can use toilets, shower indoors (bucket bath that is), and stay in one spot. The next two weeks will go by quickly, I expect, and we will be home before we know it, so right now we were trying to soak up everything and enjoy our last week in Africa! – Rachel Toddhunter
I can’t believe my time in the bush is over! I feel like my work has only begun, but it is time to start returning home! The orphans have already touched a special place in my heart and I miss them already. Seeing about 656 kids dedicating their lives to Jesus really tugs at your heart. I wish I could adopt every single child and bring them home with me! I dont think I took enough pictures to capture all the memories I have created. Words will never be enough to describe what happened while we were out there. I will never forget my time in Zambia, The Real Africa 🙂  -Bailey Seltzer
Hello Civilization! We are back from the bush! It was an AMAZING experience! We grew closer as a team and had the oppurtunity to present the gospel to many different villages! Over all 656 children accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Savior!!! I could see God working at every moment! It is truly amazing! I also had the oppurtunity to teach phonics to children and adults. Which I loved! We had great adventures on the bikes and continued to have good devotional times too. Being in the bush was VERY different….we had NO bathrooms, or any normal shelters (mostly huts), kids would even run around with no shoes on. But everyone was super friendly. I miss everyone at home alot, especially my mom and dad!! But I love it here!             -Katelyn Gannon
Dear Everyone, To finally be back at the Ndola base seems bittersweet. As soon as we got off the dirt roads and back on pavement I was already homesick for the bush 🙁 The time seemed to fly and to think of the 656 lives that came to Christ is just mind boggling. Even though we had quite a bit of trouble with the bikes and had MANY crashes, on my part, they were all able to hold out until our return trip back to civilization, which can only be the hand of God on us. I will always remember the Zambian people because even though we were supposed to leave an imprint on their life, they ended up leaving a mark on my life that has probably changed my life forever but all I can say is TIA…This is Africa! They will always have a place in my heart. -Mikayla Vossler
Hey Howdy Hey! I have just returned from 2 weeks in the bush, riding around on motorcycles. What a two weeks it was! We saw nearly 656 orphans and adults came to know Jese as their savior. We played new versions of African games such as; “Come-sca Meeledas” (which I pronounced “Pond scum my pizza” to the amusement of the orphans) and “Do as I do.” I taught a few orphans some American games too ( I lose!) and we also beat them at soccer. All in all, it has been a fantastic trip. We are going to take a trip to Victoria Falls and go on a Safari before we head home. I am ready to go back and be with my family again If you are reading this, Hi mom! ( Can I have a milkshake when I get back? I need some chocolate! 🙂  Teen Missions has been an awesome, awesome time. I am so glad I came. -Joshua Rex    PS. Hi Dad!
Well one thing for sure is that the Lord’s been watching out for us. Maybe not the bikes but they aren’t hurt too bad. By the end of the circit they were broken 🙁 We were always fixing them on the circuit though. Plus the bikes that were running had problems. The bush was amazing experience and seeing the need was crazy! Now that we are back at the base I felt like it was no time at all. -Jacob Hall
Hello, These past 2 weeks have been blammo! We are back to the base now. Last nights shower felt amazing. I felt so clean and fresh. The bush, as they call it, was a great experience, I enjoyed it. The 4 other guys we stayed with were awesome. The orphans, I loved them they were so cute, I miss them already. I believe 656 people were saved. I was amazed at how many people didnt know Christ. But I think that we did a fantastic job as a team in ministering and preaching to these kids. Special thanks to Arnold, Steven, Matthews and Gabriel. They helped so much and we love them so much. -Andrew Kneip
Hello Family and Friends 🙂 I miss you all so much, but I am so happy to have had this experience. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The last 2 weeks in the bush was breath taking. When we were riding into the bush the first day, I crashed the bike, it really took me by suprise! I was mad, sad and had so many emotions all at one time, I was ready to go home. But God got me through that circumstance, I was ok and I kept on riding without any other accidents. Everytime I was on a bike riding through the African bush, I would ask myself…”What in the world am I doing riding a motorcycle in the middle of Africa?!!” Then God would answer me when we got to each and every village. As soon as we arrived there would be orphans running to us. We played games with them, taught them phonics (my favorite 🙂 told bible stories, colored and shared the gospel. Now that I look back I can see the reason I was here, it was to help further the kingdom of God (we saw 656 lives come to Christ!) and I am eternally grateful for this experience, to God foremost and to all my supporters, family and friends. I will forever remember my time in Africa. My favorite phrase lately has been TIA… This is Africa, because I am constanly suprised by the differnces here and then I remember, I am in Africa haha. Love you Mikee, Mom, Dad, Kevin, John and everyone else 🙂 See you in 12 days!! -Kristen Oliver


  1. So PROUD of you MICHAEL! How encouraging to hear about all the kids that accepted Jesus and how you have been deeply affected by your time there. Praise the Lord!

  2. Zambia team 1, it sounds like you all were greatly used by our God to reach those orphans for Christ. I am praying for safe traveling while you sight see and for more opportunities to share Gods love with the people of Africa.
    Can hardly wait to hear more of your experiences and see the pictures of your time in the bush. See you soon. =)

  3. WOW! While waiting for an update from the Zimbabwe Team, I was drawn to read this update of testimonials! It is just so wonderful to hear how God has been faithfully transforming the lives, not only of the Zambian’s but also the TMI Team! Wonderful in every way (:

  4. Praise the Lord for all that He did through you!!! What an awesome experience!!!

  5. Debbie Todhunter

    SO, SO thankful. 🙂

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