Our worksites are going wonderfully! The teens have cleared about a third of the field that will eventually be planted with bananas and papayas. These fruits will be sold at market to support to orphanage. We have finished a majority of the wall portion of the water tower. McKenzie, Rachel H., Emily, and Rachel K. have started tying steel so that when we pour the roof it will be stable. Many of the team members have commented on how much they appreciated the classes at Boot Camp. Early last week Italo (ee-tah-low) one of the missionaries, shared with us about how God called him and his wife to come serve in Peru. The team really enjoyed the story and are even more excited about serving here! We did our first presentation yesterday at one of the local churches. Two songs were sung, one in Spanish and one in English, there was much clapping when the teens were finished. After service, they insisted on serving us authentic Peruvian food, of rice, shredded chicken in a peanut sauce, and a leaf of lettuce. The high light by far was the drink, which was starfruit juice! We have been provided many local fruits from the orphanage including, oranges (naranjas), papayas, limas, and watermelon.  We would appreciate prayers for health as many of us are battling a cold that was picked up somewhere between Florida and Peru.


  1. I sure our kids just probably picked up a cold because their night at the airport was so uncomfortable…very cold and not sleeping very well on the hard floor. An unfortunate start to their mission! We can pray them through this!!!

  2. Karen Richardson

    You’re right Frank, those aren’t our kids! I hope they went to the right place! LOL ;0)

  3. I just learned that there is a bacterial infection called Sinusitis that is going around the Florida area. I wonder if that might be what the kids have. The original symptoms are exactly like the common cold but after a week you are left with a cough, soar throat, slightly runny nose and pressure in the head for weeks if not longer afterward. I learned about on the Florida Centra Care website on what is going around Florida.

  4. Karen Richardson

    I am also wondering if they are actually camped where the orphanage is located. There has been no mention of children or orphans in either report. Since they had to dig and build their own latrine and the tents in the photo look like they are out in a dirt field, it makes me wonder how close to the orphanage they are and if they are getting to be with the children.

  5. Thanks for the update. I’m so excited to read about thier mission! Just wanted to mention that the team pictured on the Peru update is a different team.

  6. Karen Richardson

    Thanks Beth. I appreciate the response.

  7. Karen Richardson

    Thank you for the update. I though our kids were going to be building a dormitory. Is this no longer the plan? Did the plan get changed? Or will they start that project when they finish the storage area.

    • Karen, I am not sure what is up. I will check. Sometimes there is not enough money to build what they originally wanted or someone else could have come in after we wrote the brochure to build it. Sometimes we have to go with the biggest need.

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