11074-scotland-pt-funGreetings Again From The Highlands Of Scotland! On Thursday our missionary had arranged to have a Bible study for youth in the evening with the team leading the program. It was to be located here at the Christian Youth Center where we are residing. As the time approached for the youth to come, our missionary began to worry that no one would show due to the beautiful sunny weather we were having that day. An hour passed and not a single youth had appeared. The team was very discouraged as they had really taken time to prepare for this outreach. We brought the team together and told them that if the lost were not going to come here then we would go out there to them. As it was already getting late in the evening, we decided to take the team on a prayer walk. We walked about the city, silent as we went, but each person was praying for the lost souls here in Inverness. The next day we had a time of prayer for the community and then split into teams. We went out into the downtown area of Inverness and began to witness to any person who would give us a moment. The team was very nervous as they started.  Many were rejected very quickly and struggled to have the courage to keep going. The did keep going and soon they found some people had lots of questions about their faith. Some were critical of it and some were curious about it. Some people ask questions the team members thought they would never have to think about. During all of this the team realized that most people they talked to were searching for the truth about life, but did not know where to turn. You would think the team would come back daunted and discouraged by the challenges they faced, but instead they were excited. As soon as they returned they began sharing their different stories and experiences.  Then they started bombarding us leaders with questions about what to say in this situation, or how do I respond to this question. The next day, before the team went out, we sat together and discussed the different questions they encountered, or the different objections raised to them. We discussed how to lead the conversation away from debates and more to an opportunity to share the Truth of the Gospel with them. Then we prayed together and went back out. It seemed the team returned with more stories, and more questions than the day before. There have been no decisions made for Christ yet, but many seeds have been planted. It is such a blessing to see the team growing as well.
Today, Sunday we went to the Methodist Church across the river to share in their service. The team did a wonderful job in their songs and drama, and the people there were very encouraged by it. One of the comments we received multiple times from the church members was how grateful they were to see teenagers in church. All of them expressed their wish to see more young people in church here in Inverness. Some of the people even told the team that they would rather sing the team’s more lively songs than their hymns.
The team is almost recovered from the colds that went around. There are a few runny noses, but I think they are clearing up.
The team is now gearing up for their last week in Scotland. We have quite a busy week ahead of us. Each day part of the team will be going to the Black Isle where Youth for Christ is working. They will be finding and witnessing to youth in the area guided by one of the Youth for Christ workers. The rest of the team will continue ministering in different parts of the city as well as spending another day renovating the Inverness Bible Fellowship building. The team is very excited about the ministry opportunities this next week. They are also excited about the end coming as they do miss their families very much. Please pray that they will finish strong here in Inverness, and that their witness might have a lasting effect on the city.



  1. I’m so proud of what the Lord is doing through all of you. Samuel, we love you and keep telling the stories that I have taught you! dad

  2. Great write up. The team has been so fortunate to experience so many things on this trip. We can’t wait to see Sam!

  3. Juana Hernandez

    Scotland team, don’t be discouraged! Continue to plant the seed of Jesus love. Someone else will come to water it and God will make it grow. You may not see results but God knows and sees your obedience. Many times Jesus knocked on the door of my heart but I didn’t let him in… But one day I did. Now I remember all the christians that were telling me of the good news ,and how I rejected it ! Now I have 2 beautiful missionaries, one on the Kilimanjaro backpack and another on Bethlehem team. God is awesome!! So don’t be discouraged. Keep telling the good news. Praying for you all.

    Juana Hernandez

  4. Sounds like a growing experience last week. We’ve been praying for you to be used of God, but also for God to use the experience in your lives. The challenge is to go ahead when things are hard, and to search of ways to share when confronted with questions that are difficult. So God is working. I am thankful that my daughter has had the opportunity to be on this team. I trust that she will always remember the experiences and that God will have made her into a stronger servant of His than she was before. Love you Hannah!

  5. Thank you for the update. Very happy to see all are not being discouraged. Can’t wait to see you, Bryce!

  6. Thank You for the update. I am so glad they are doing well and that God has given them so many amazing opprotunities since they have been there. Not sure if you noticed that the photo is of the pre-teen team and the update is from the teen team. Just thought I would let you know. Thanks again fo the update.

  7. Greetings from Texas to Tim. Just wanted you to know we are praying for you and your team. I pray you grow in the Lord as you help lead this team in Scotland. It was great spending time with you in Fl. I was watching the rallies almost every night, now my 10 year old niece has decided to go to TMI next summer. I know God is going to do great things through you as you serve Him.

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